Why a Blog about Containers?

I might as well tell you up front. I’m a geek when it comes to containers. When I go to someone else’s home, I always notice the plastic and glass containers in the kitchen; the bookshelves and baskets in the living room; the vases and bowls in the dining room. Heaven help me if these items are color-coordinated with each other and their surroundings. In the midst of coffee and conversation, I still take mental notes of how I can duplicate the organization in my own living space. I have to admit that sometimes, I actually feel twinges of container envy.

Now you can ask anyone who knows me. I’m not a big shopper. I love bookstores, but as for going shopping for the sake of shopping—definitely not me. But when I go into a container store or the container section of a shop, I am mesmerized by the colors, the textures, the possibilities. I can hardly tear myself away. I try to dream up some reason that I should buy one, or two, or a dozen.

Before you think that I need container therapy, let me assure you that I am not really as obsessive as it appears. But I have discovered that containers provide an interesting approach to the way I think about things—not just keeping things neat and organized, but also how to think about time, money, ideas, projects, and dreams.

I have accomplished many things in my life, but I often get bogged down with too many possibilities, too many ideas, and I become immobilized and overwhelmed. The result: ideas get buried instead of shared; dreams lie dormant instead of coming to fruition; and journeys are abandoned before they are begun. I plan to explore the use of various types of containers to organize and categorize my ideas, my supplies, my time, and my resources. I can sort out the materials that I collect for the projects that call to me. I can be in a position of making choices rather than one of spinning my wheels.

That is my reason for beginning Container Chronicles, to bring a sense of order, purpose, and excitement into my life. I look forward to sharing what I learn from this “container perspective.” I invite you to share in the discussion.

6 comments on “Why a Blog about Containers?

  1. Hi Deborah – I’m a FOJ (friend of Joycelyn) and consider myself a “container freak,” sharing the delicious response to containers of all varieties that you describe. The tidiness is pleasing, as is the convenience of use, but some of it is the sense of all being right within an often chaotic world when the contents and the container match up. Not psychotic or even obsessive, just one of life’s little (and inexpensive – usually) pleasures. I too am putting together quilting space, with fabric and tools finding their home spots in an organized, clear, and well-lighted space. My quilting often reflects this sense of orderliness…. contained within boundaries and symmetrically balanced. But then, I’m just getting started, now that I’ve retired! Anyway, I look forward to hearing more from you. Sylvia

  2. Hi Sylvia — I’ve heard so much about you, and I love the piece hanging on Joycelyn’s wall. We have to meet next summer. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you here again! And I look forward to learning more about your work.

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