The Busiest Week(s)

Finish Line Clock

Finish Line Clock (Photo credit: deltaMike).

Last week and this week represent a significant milestone in my journey to the clearing. It is the time when everything comes crashing in; when–for these two weeks–all of the various projects collide. A special project involved nearly double my normal teaching load (but more about that a little later). Many projects had components that were due. The textbook project hit a huge snag that is out of my control.

So this is the time when it’s more important than ever to stay focused. To be mindful. To realize that it won’t be easy or pleasant, but it simply will be. And at the end of this week, there will be a few less obligations, at least comparatively speaking. I will regroup and seek a few moments of balance in spite of the fact that my prior obligations have brought me to a place where I’d prefer not to be. While some things are not very pleasant right now, I do enjoy much of what I’m doing. It’s just too much for these two weeks. The container is overflowing.

Students from Totorri University (Japan) with Mr. SKuirrel in Taiwan.

Students from Totorri University (Japan) with Mr. SKuirrel in Taiwan.

I will also remind myself to embrace the good things about what I’m doing. Even though I’m feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, there are memories that will stay with me for a long time. In fact, I enjoy most of what I’m doing. For example, tomorrow, I say good-bye to a great bunch of students who have been visiting from Totorri University in Japan. In their three-week intensive English language program, I’ve had the privilege of teaching them Writing Skills. It was so rewarding to have 20 students who were not too sure about writing only three weeks ago, decide that it wasn’t so bad after all. The workload was intense, but I thoroughly enjoyed them, and I will miss them. We did start a Facebook group to keep in touch. Their enthusiasm and hard work reminded me why I’m teaching and why I sometimes take on extra projects. I’m so thrilled to have had this time with them.