Making a Comeback

A New Beginning

A New Beginning (Photo credit: Shermeee)

When I started blogging back in November, I thought about it for a long time before I actually did it. But as a good friend has said to me MANY times, “Thinking about something is not the same as doing it,” so I set up a schedule that was regular but not overwhelming. Tuesday and Fridays were blogging days, and I was able to maintain that for five months, with only 4 “late” posts. Things shifted significantly in the sixth month–April. I started out ok: two posts the first week. Then two weeks with nothing. I came back for two more posts the last week of April. That, however, was the end. Even though I thought about posting in May, it definitely wasn’t the same as actually writing and posting.

Interestingly, I first focused more on the “failure” of falling off schedule than on the success of having maintained a regular blogging schedule for over five months. It took me a while to see it, but blogging as a new endeavor was greatly successful on many levels. And if I did it once, I could do it again.

In many ways, restarting this blog has been as tough as starting the first time. The same insecurities, the same seeming lack of direction, the same concerns about keeping it going once I start. But there is a difference. Even if the direction and content of my blog isn’t entirely obvious to me at the moment, the INTENTION to restart this blog is perfectly clear. As I begin again. I will see where this path leads. I will also be writing more about intentions and how they have changed my life over the last two months. Returning to my blog is only one part of reinventing my life. In the days to come, it is my intention to share these stories.

I am excited about where this journey will lead. See you soon!

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