Expanding My “Comfort Zone”

2%mindsetWhat do you think most people would like to do but they don’t because it presently sits outside their comfort zone?  And what is holding them back from taking that step?


I saw this on Facebook this morning, and I was intrigued. I’ve often wondered about this very question, largely because I, too, was inside the circle, particularly when it came to “being like everyone else.” Surprisingly, I thought fitting in, blending in, and not rocking the boat were good things and that maybe I should aim for that. Except I was never very successful at it.

But realistically, I don’t want to be like everyone else. I do want to make my own way and do the things that are important to me. In the last several months, as I’ve begun to think about things differently, I have slowly but surely turned from the things in that center circle and started venturing outside of it where the air is charged with excitement and promise.It’s so much freer outside the circle. And it gets easier to walk away from its confining ideas whenever I momentarily get pulled back in. While there are times while I wish I had figured it out sooner, I am actually reaping the benefits of making the discovery and running with it. Regrets are for life inside the circle.

For the sake of playing it safe and avoiding risks, I’ve been tempted to settle for what is easy. I’ve even thought that following that path was a way to conserve energy by not going for too much.

  • For example, it’s safer for me to look at quilt books and patterns than to risk actually cutting into the fabric only to not have it turn out the way I envision.

  • It’s easier for me to make plans about blog posts than to simply express the ideas and hit the publish button. .

  • It’s more convenient to teach concepts the way I’ve been teaching them than to try something unusual that might be more effective or engaging.

But it’s the challenging stuff that’s energizing, the discovery stuff that leads to greater things. As I was putting this post together, I realized that in order to expand my comfort zone, there has to be room for the expansion. Investing energy in the stuff inside that circle robs me of the time and energy that I can be using to bring about the life I’ve been reimagining. Taking time for me is about such expansion, about focusing on “space” exploration. I’m looking forward to the wonders that await my discovery.

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