KEYWORD: Is it That Time Again?

Last year, I started using seasonal keywords at the suggestion of my friend, Joycelyn. You can see last year’s words and the posts I did about them in the links below. I chose. Clamor (for last fall), Clearing (for Winter), and Clarity (for Spring). In February, I got a bonus keyword, Fun (Compliments of my Daughter, Kate), The bonus keyword was good, because although I didn’t have an official keyword for summer, I still had four for the year.

Now we are well into fall, and I am only now writing a post about my fall keyword. To be honest, I’ve been postponing it because the right word took a while to reveal itself. But honestly, I didn’t want any of the keywords that were emerging organically out of my life. Here I am a little late in I’ve been thinking about a keyword for fall, and I’ve postponed it for two three reasons.

      1. I have several  keywords I WANT to claim right now. I want to use other words that are helping me think about things differently, words that are helpful in reimagining my life.
      2. I am overwhelmed by the demands in my life right now, in spite of my efforts to have things more under control. There is one major difference from last year at this time: I am thinking about everything differently; as a result, things that would have bothered me in the past are not having the same effect on me. It turns out that the way we think about things affects everything. And I like this new way of thinking.
      3. As I gear up to get back to blogging and quilting, that’s where most of my motivation is. I want the keywords that support those activities.But just like the keywords I want aren’t front and center right now, neither is the quilting (though I am trying to keep up with the blogging). 

I want the live I’ve been reimagining myself to manifest itself more quickly. I don’t want the overloaded list of tasks to hold me back from my vision. I am impatient. I think that because I couldn’t pick a keyword that I wanted, I just kept telling myself that I would wait until I could. But that’s crazy, because these issues are part of my life. They aren’t going away simply because I wish it to be true. (Wouldn’t THAT be nice!)


So I came to one of the words that is on my list of wanted words, I just didn’t want it NOW! How ironic that the keyword for Fall is Perseverance. It’s become very obvious that it is what I need most right now, particularly based on #2 and #3 above. The image at the top of this post will be my visual reminder for this period. And while perseverance is not the word I would have selected from the list, it is certainly one of the words that has been “key” in changing the way I think about things. And if I focus on perseverance, I will reach the other keywords on the list that are calling to me.

My Keyword Role Model

A couple of days ago, I introduced Rachel, my Fabric Play role model. Meet Joycelyn, my role model for keywords: Not only is she the one who got me started on seasonal keywords, her latest choice is brilliant! Seriously! She’s my inspiration to keep plugging away, even though I have Farther to Go! I want what she’s having, and with perseverance, I will eventually get there.

583 days to 60!