New Year’s Day 2010 – Hsinchu Zoo in Taiwan

newyear's 2010 002

Photos have always been a challenge for me, and I will be writing more about it in future posts. One part of that challenge is that I have lots of wonderful photos that I don’t do much with. For example, while I don’t have a lot of photos of my time in Taiwan, I do have some from the few outings that I’ve taken. I often think about writing about those outings and posting the photos, but it doesn’t usually happen. And of course, there are the photos from the outings I took before I even started blogging.

I don’t want to make a project out of putting all of these photos and stories together; however, I thought it would be fun to travel down memory lane, one photo at a time. At the same time, I will share some of the thoughts and memories the photo holds for me..

newyear's 2010 012The first photo in this series is one I’ve used as a cover photo on my Facebook page. I got lots of comments on it. People even asked if it was my yard. But no, it’s a scene at the zoo in Hsinchu. On New Year’s Day in 2010, I went there with my friend, Diane and her four daughters. The weather was beautiful that day, only requiring light jackets. We practically had the place to ourselves, and as you can see from the photo, it is quite beautiful there.

Diane and her family are no longer in Taiwan, but for the two years that we shared out time here, I loved all the time I spent with them, and look forward to the day when I can do more than catch up with them online, when we can all get together for some more adventures..