Best Moment Award

Thank you to Shaun at for this award.

Seven Random things about myself: 

1. I have four adult children, two in Michigan, two in Florida. I love the moments I’ve had with them. While I saw everyone last summer, it’s been several years since we’ve all been together at the same time. Eight years, I believe. One of the reason why moments are so important.

2. Even though we have our rescue chihuahua, I am actually a cat person. There is something about spending time with an animal that is rewarding in a different way than spending time with people.

3. I took ballet lessons as a child. Then took a semester worth of ballet classes twice as an adult. Lately, I’ve come to realize that those are some of the moments I miss most, that sense of movement and expression that dance brings.

4. While growing up, my parents took our family camping throughout parts of Michigan and Canada. I liked the trails and paths through parks and forests. I sometimes took a notebook along with me, so I could sit in nature and write for a few minutes.

5. I didn’t start playing the piano until 5th grade, but I took to it like a fish to water. I sometimes miss it now that I’m in Taiwan and don’t really have the time to incorporate it, but I have many good memories of it, and I’ve shifted my area of creative expression to other areas, primarily my renewed intention to start quilting again.

6. I am learning a lot from the process of observing myself and changing the way I think about things. While I still have many thing to do, I’m feeling that I am directing the traffic and not letting the list overwhelm me. I thank my friend, Joycelyn, at Farther to Go! for helping me discover that intentions and perseverance are magical.

7. As a result of number six, I’m becoming much more aware of moments and making a point of treasuring them.

Now nominate five blogs: 






Thanks again, Shaun! And congratulations to the five above! I hope you can all accept!  :-).


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