The Unexpected

It’s important to make sure the tasks of life leave plenty of room for those unexpected moments. What a great reminder!


10-15 Leaves Collage - Copy

Leaves changing color.  That’s exactly what I expected to see during our mid-October hike.  In the desert of Phoenix, you just don’t see reds and oranges, so in honor of our first fall in a climate that actually experiences fall, my mission is to see as much red as possible.  (And not the shade of red I see when the kids push my buttons :))

10-15 Flower Collage - Copy

On that hike, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter flowers.  (If you’re looking at the photos above thinking, “Flowers?  Um, those are weeds.” I should clarify that I consider anything with a bloom or decorative piece at the end of a stem a flower.)

That night, my kids planned to “camp out” in our pop-up trailer, which was still set up from the night before when my older son and his friend slept in it.  Purist campers will shudder at me calling this camping because…

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6 comments on “The Unexpected

    • You’re very welcome, Janna! I think everyone experiences this sense of how important certain moments and decisions about how to spend them are. But it’s almost magical when it happens with one of your children. I’m always amazed at the things my kids tell me meant the most to them. Not that I’m trying to get you to read everything in my blog (LOL), but there is a two-part post: 26 memories of my daughter if you’re interested. She’s the mother of my grandson and is now making her own moments with him. I guess you got me rambling. And now you know why I had to reblog your post. 🙂

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