A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Computer

Perseverance ...  Never stop running forward (...

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I started this post on Tuesday. Today is Friday! I just finished a blog about perseverance revisited. I ended it by saying, “Now I need to persevere about posting on this blog.” So here I am. First let’s go back to what I was thinking on Tuesday morning.

As I was beginning my day this morning, I was barely out of bed when the thought occurred to me: “I’ve gotten a lot out of the last three weeks of blogging. Maybe I’ll just take a break for a few days.” This idea would seem reasonable to almost anyone, unless you know the rest of the story. As you may (or may not) know, I’m participating in a 31-day blog challenge. This is day 22. As of Day 20, I was doing well: 19 posts, only one behind.

I had high hopes for continuing my streak of x consecutive days without adding any to my catch-up list. Then yesterday (day 21), I just couldn’t do it. I was too tired, I didn’t want to just put something out there to put something out there. I’d caught up before, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to do it again. After all. just posting something for the sake of posting it didn’t seem to be in the spirit of the challenge.

What I found amusing—after I got over the shock of the thought–was the thought that went through my head on the way to the computer. “You’ve done `19 blogs in 21 days! Wow, take a bow! It’s enough. So what if you don’t go the whole month, you went 20 days!”

Other bloggers have, of course, encountered similar things. Taking breaks, starting again, recognizing moments of low energy, or the other interruptions of life. Sometimes, things have to go by the wayside. I realized for me that part of the issue is that when things get overwhelming, and I feel like something has to go, I am ALWAYS willing to let go of something that means a great deal to me. Sometimes, the most fulfilling thing of the moment.

So that’s where I was on Tuesday. I didn’t blog that day either. And if you read my earlier post today, you know what happened on Wednesday. Now it is Day 26, and with the post published earlier today, my October count stands at 20.  Not that I haven’t done well, but to just stop making the effort once day 22 comes along seems a little like dropping the ball when things get a little rough.

Up to this point, I have been learning so much from participating in the challenge. And falling on my past patterns, it would have been so easy to let this go, to let other tasks and obligations  become more important than taking care of myself. This is another case of perseverance. With less than a week left in October, I will need to regroup and persevere to meet the challenge. More than the actual number of posts I complete is  completing my intention to fully participate in this challenge is taking care of myself. If the bottom line of this challenge is that I learn to put myself first, then it will have been a major success.

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