Not Just Another Day (Trifecta Weekend Challenge)

It is the first day of November and so, today, someone must die.

It happens every year, but today I couldn’t touch my breakfast. Mitch sat across from me–coffee in hand, nose buried in the newspaper. Clearly, he wasn’t concerned. Why was he ignoring me?

This is my first time doing a Trifecta Challenge. I’ve thought about it for a while, but this time, I actually did it. The prompt for this weekend’s challenge is below.

In The Scorpio Races, author Maggie Stiefvater writes, “It is the first day of November and so, today,
someone will die.”  Give us the next thirty-three words of this story, as you imagine it.  Take it wherever you like, but make it original and make it 33 words exactly.

If you’d like to write your own entry for this prompt, click on the tricycle picture to view Trifecta’s website for the complete instructions.  Thanks for reading!


22 comments on “Not Just Another Day (Trifecta Weekend Challenge)

  1. So fun, I miss creative projects!! Here is what I came up with (evil laughter):

    I wake up to the same thought every day. But why?

    Then, quickly scanning the room, I saw my trinkets: Fingers. Toes. Eyeballs. And I remembered why.

    Now who will it be today?

  2. Welcome to the Trifecta writing challenge :)) Hope you will continue to participate! I liked this entry. Being ignored on the day someone will die does give an ominous feeling – will she be next?

    I look forward to reading more of your writing :))

    • Thanks, Jo-Anne! I’ve never done anything like this before. Don’t generally get too involved in fiction, but I was intrigued. The challenge of doing something in 33 words really appeals to me. I think I might try to do it more regularly. Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the welcome! I’d been following someone who does the challenges fairly regularly. Thought it was time to check it out for myself. I’m planning to participate fairly regularly. I certainly am impressed with the community spirit of the participants! 🙂

  4. Yay, Deborah! I’m so glad you gave it a try (the 33-word challenges can be tricky to hit the word count, but I like them because they are short enough, I can read a lot more of them!)

    The question at the end is unsettling. I read this more than once, and I could see her as the possible ‘target’ or the one who does the killing. Either way, being ignored is concerning. Nicely done 🙂

    • Thanks, Janna! You are my inspiration for trying this challenge. I’ve been watching you do it for a while now, and while I don’t see myself as very competitive, it is fun to participate. Thanks for the constant little invites you include at the bottom of your entries. They got me finally. 🙂 I’m not very good at getting to everyone else’s posts. I did check a few, but I want to get more involved in commenting on others. That will be the next step. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Isn’t that the truth? Perspective is something we often lose sight of if we’re not careful. Thanks for stopping by. I think I might visit Trifecta more often. 🙂 Hope to see you again!

    • Thanks, Kymm. I appreciate the welcome. I hope next time to read more of other people’s posts, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me in the future. Thanks for checking out my entry! 🙂

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