Quilt-along Update #1

fabric before cutting

fabric before cutting

I’m thrilled to be starting on the quilt for my daughter. After all this time of scheming and dreaming, it’s great to be able to actually cut into the fabric and begin the process of piecing a quilt. This quilt-along came along at the right time. At a point where I’m intentionally taking time for me, I just finished the 31-day blog challenge and am now moving to this quilt-along. (I also did my first work-out at Curves today!)

For those of you who may not understand what a quilt-along is, let me explain. In a quilt-along, a group of people are all working on a quilting project of their own, but they do it in a group, completing the tasks as a group. Sometimes, people meet in person to do this kind of project with everyone working on their projects.

This particular quilt-along is on-line, which means that the instructions and list of tasks come through email. Our host for the quilt-along is Rachel of StitchedInColor. The first post, for example, was a schedule that gives an overview of the whole process, from gathering the materials (October 17) to showing off photos of the finished quilts on a website that everyone joins (December 20). Then, each of the following emails includes the information and instructions that we need to move along through each step. In between these emails, the participants do the work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the email that told us about the materials we needed to gather, we gathered and prepared the actual fabric after deciding on color schemes. The directions for cutting the fabric into strips and squares arrived on October 31, a nice treat for Halloween. Two days later, we received the instructions on how to piece the 4-penny patch, the block that we are using for this quilt. Now the schedule calls for sewing 20 of those 4-penny patch blocks each week, starting tomorrow!

I have never documented one of my quilting projects before, but my husband is taking pictures as we go, and I will include them in my updates. Since the sewing starts tomorrow, I thought I’d show you all the strips and squares I’ve cut over the weekend. The two lighter fabrics at the top of the photo were cut today, so everything is ready. My sewing machine has been pulled out of storage and space has been cleared on the table for me to work toward assembling my 20 blocks for this week. If things go smoothly, I hope to exceed that. I’ll keep you posted.

13 comments on “Quilt-along Update #1

    • thanks, Animating! I’m having a great time. Once I accomplished the 31 day blog challenge, it was crazy not to get back to quilting, which had been languishing for months. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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