Tuesday Quilting Fun

I got a later start than I would have liked, but I didn’t let it stop me from starting the sewing on my quilt-along project. I didn’t realize it while I was cutting last week, but it’s possible I only cut half of the fabric I needed, so this will present a tiny bit of a design challenge, but not one I am afraid of. Nor one that will stop me from continuing the project. I just have to finish sewing the three steps you see in this post, and then check the number of pieces I have.

Here’s a recap of what I did today to get started on the quilt for Kate.


I had nearly 30 long strips of fabric, 2 inches by 22 inches. The first step is to pair them up, either to coordinate by color or to contrast, based on light and dark. Each pair of strips is then is sewn together along the long edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance. The combined strips are then pressed with the seam allowance to one side. On the left is the first one I pressed. Below, you can some of the other paired pieces that were sewn. I like the wide array of bright color and pattern combinations.


Step 2:

Each paired strip is cut into eight cross-wise pieces. That’s lots of little pieces. You can see one piece cut into the eight pieces in the top half of the next photo. As you can see, you rotate some of these cut pieces to make a mini four-patch block, as seen in Step 3 . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Step 3:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter flipping four of the eight pieces for each strip, the pieces are sewn together, as shown in the bottom half of the photo above. It looks cool when you have one done, like this one. As you can see, I have a veritable mountain of these little pieces to sew together before I can move to the next step.

What’s Next?

I might get a few more done tonight, but most of them will wait for another quilting day. That’s good, because after I sew and press all of them, I will have a sense of how many more blocks I need before going onto step 4. If I do need to cut more, doing that cutting before I proceed to the next step will let me resolve the design issues I was concerned about at the beginning of the post.

Also, in the good news department: Since I’ve only had this machine since my second year in Taiwan, and since I don’t didn’t use it that much until this project, I am not very familiar with threading it. At one point today, I needed to thread the machine and was somewhat concerned that it might mean I would have to stop for today. But I located the manual, both of them–the Chinese version and the English one, and was able to thread the machine with minimal muss and fuss. There was a tip in the directions I had missed in the past, and this time, it was much easier to do. Now, I’m thinking I won’t stress when the bobbin needs rewinding either.

So I didn’t get as far as I would have liked today, but I am so much farther than I would have been if I had put this project off entirely. I am amazed at how setting aside a few hours here and there helps this project come to life. It doesn’t take huge chunks of time to make progress. It only takes the intention to do some and some perseverance.

559 days to 60!