Quilt-Along Update #2 or 3, depending on how you count

In our last episode, I left off with STEP 3 of the process and a big pile of pieces that needed to be assembled into squares.


Today, I took the piles of other fabrics and sewed them into more squares like the ones above. Then they were all pressed. There are 16 different combinations of pieced squares. You can see 15 of them here.



Now, it’s time to take to of the blocks above and sew them to solid pieces of fabric of the same size. Here is another picture, this time with the solid blocks that will be joined the pieced squares.


I then took the squares (pieced and solid) and sorted them by color. Each pair of matching pieced squares was grouped with a pair of matching solid squares. I ended up with 32 piles of four squares, each pile having 2 pieced squares and 2 solid squares.


It is time to take one of those piles of four pieces and arrange them into a new, larger square as seen below. Since I had already done the sorting by color, the example below is from the pink fabrics, but the same principle will be followed with all four colors as the sewing continues. You will notice that the square in the lower right corner has already been sewn. Over the next couple of days weeks, the rest of them will be sewn and pressed.


What’s Next?

After today, I have to get back to the real world. (Well, I have still been working, but because of not having to teach, I’ve been able to snitch a few extra hours for this project.) Starting tomorrow, I will only have an hour here and there to work on it, so it will take a while to assemble the rest of the squares. The good news is that with all of these sets of four squares sorted and organized into piles on my sewing table, I should be able to make progress. I think it will be possible to assemble several in an hour if all goes well. Of course, I’ll allow for surprises in that department.

I have enough pieced and solid squares to make 8 of the larger squares in each of the four colors–green, pink, green, blue–for a total of 32 squares. Then I’ll move on to constructing the next type of block, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I can’t say how amazed I am at the progress I’ve made on this project. I still had other projects and deadlines to juggle during this quilt start-up. The quilt-along is definitely a big part of my success, as is setting the intention to do this, and to persevere even when it seemed like my time might be better spent elsewhere. But the fact remains, I have a major start on a quilt, one that’s been sitting in the “dream” stage for over five years. I may not have made it through the 20 block goal set on the quilt-along schedule, but I have everything set up to get those blocks done. Momentum has been built.


Further, I must say that I feel good about the things I’ve done that were for me: the blog, the quilt, and the exercise program. Even though they all take time, the important things haven’t really suffered, because I am energized by doing the things that are meaningful to me. If I had pushed myself to “work” instead of nourishing my creative self, I don’t think I would have gotten as much done. Time spent on rejuvenating my spirit is an aspect of self-care that I have too often been willing to give up for the sake of others. It’s not news, but I am finally experiencing how taking care of myself provides the necessary resources to be truly present in all aspects of my life.

These past few weeks have been an unplanned adventure. I’ve ended up in a place I didn’t expect to be. In a way, it seems like when I take time for myself, the “feeling” of time expands, even if time itself does not. I feel like I have more time than I’ve ever had, and I’m doing more than I was a few months ago. The difference is that the added things are not a burden–they are a joy. Taking time for me has taken me down a path where I feel like I may be more in balance than I’ve ever been. I’ve weathered challenges to my intentions, but I’ve persevered. I look forward to the days ahead in a way that is new to me, a way that I like. I intend to continue on this path and see where it leads.

557 days to 60!

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