Music Theme for November 13: The Humans

Becoming More Human

As humans, we can do some pretty stupid things. We fight, we argue, we squander resources, we turn a blind eye to the needs of those around us. But we also have our good moments, when we work to make a difference in the world. In spite of all the bickering and power struggles, we are, in the end at our best when we reach out to one another for the common good. With that premise, I offer the following selections.

People Who Need People

Some people think they everyone should be independent, take care of themselves and their own. Such dogged independence may work for some, for a while, but it is a rare situation when one can truly get through life without the help of others, whether or not that need is acknowledged. But as this song points out, it’s in that need, that we are truly lucky. It may go counter to “common sense” and the Puritan work ethic, but we can all use a friendly face and a helping hand.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The power of this song, for me, lies in its universality. The song could be for anyone, or everyone, depending on when the moment of need strikes.

Lean on Me

Another reminder of our interconnectedness. This arrangement by Playing for Change enhances the message of how much we all need each other.

We Are the World

In 1985, a group of musicians came together to raise money for the victims of famine inย Africa. As is the case with Playing For Change, musicians have a history of helping those in need when disaster strikes. The way these human musicians help bring the message of the need to the world continues to remind us that it’s our interdependence which is basic to our humanness.

Twenty five years later, another group of musicians went back to the same studio to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Additional musical styles and lyrics were added, but the message and the dedication of the musicians is the same.

Les Miserables

Sometimes, being human means simply standing in solidarity with one another. The finale to Les Miserables shows us such a scene.

I hope this post has brought a glimpse of hope for our species at a time when there doesn’t seem to be much hope to be had. Maybe with reminders of what we can accomplish, we will aspire to be more. Thanks for stopping by.

20 comments on “Music Theme for November 13: The Humans

  1. The current state of affairs in Haiti gives one pause–great pause–regarding our ‘helping’ each other. Ahh Deborah, your optimism is a relief.And yet–all those troubled waters and all the harm and hurt and need for aid–famines are not Nature’s doing alone. Do we really make a difference in each other’s lives when great need arises? And the French Revolution wasn’t started by a bunch of campers unhappy with their vacations sites…..hmm.
    Hello. Thank you for engaging this Theme.

  2. If you have the opportunity, contemporary, Haitian born authoress Edwidge Danticat writes beautifully. I haven’t read everything she has written, but everything that I have read transports me outside of myself. All historical references are accurate. And for the other end of the Island, I am currently reading Julia Alvarez. I don’t thin Barbara every sang anything not beautiful … Are you familiar with the story of V Hugo’s daughter? Too human. I though Simon and Garfunkle were supposed to be ageless ? Well “they say” age is the great equalizer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the thinking post.

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  5. Great post Deborah, a great post, you have really given me a lot to think about. I am running late with this post due to family matters but I will post asap! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  9. These songs are all great. I think I became an activist when We are the world came out. I was so young, but the presentation of musicians and the pictures of true poverty overwhelmed me. Also, that verion of Stand by me is brilliant. We truly are increasingly interconnected. Great job Deborah. ๐Ÿ™‚

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