The ABC’s of Simple Pleasures

My special “Thank You!” goes to Cate for this ABC Award!   Cate has a blog full of interesting and honest writing. You should check it out at abc-award

There are rules about this award. So it follows like this:

  1.  You must display this award on your blog.
  2.  Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded you.
  3.  Present 8 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  4.  Link your awardees with the post and let them know of their award. Done.
  5. Write a word or phrase about yourself for each letter of the alphabet.

I chose to use the alphabet to explore the simple pleasures that I want to make more central in my life. I admit “U” is lame, but I didn’t see the point in wanting lots of umbrellas or unicorns in my life. Deal with it.  🙂

  • A dventure
  • B eaches
  • C offee
  • D ance
  • E nergy
  • F abric
  • G randparenting
  • H abits
  • I ntentions
  • J igsaws
  • K ites
  • L aughter
  • M usic
  • N ature
  • O rganization
  • P iano
  • Q uilting
  • R eading
  • S tories
  • T aiwan (Travel)
  • U nknowns
  • V acation
  • W atercolor
  • Y arn
  • Z entangle

My nominees for the ABC Awesome Blog Content Award are:

Thanks again to Cate, and congratulations to all the nominees! I hope you can accept!

13 comments on “The ABC’s of Simple Pleasures

    • Thanks, Randee! I know that not everyone is that thrilled with the award thing. I find myself winding down from it myself. But still, I wanted you to know how much I admire the variety and consistency of your writing. It’s a nice bonus to a great friendship. 🙂

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