The Sounds of Freedom (Musical Theme for November 17)

I thought about sitting this one out, but I’m also trying not to take the easy way out. I decided to at least explore the topic, even though I decided that I wouldn’t provide narrative for any of the individual selections. While this thematic topic is not as well thought-out and organized as I’d like, I offer a variety of glimpses into various definitions of freedom.This is a theme worth exploring more fully; it is clear that some views of freedom are quite limited. For those who have never had to suffer or fight for freedom, it seems that freedom simply means doing what one wants to do. Apparently, there are shades of freedom, some rather pale and superficial, while others reach deep and touch the very soul. I hope to come back to this theme. In the meantime, I offer these selections

Freedom (Jimi Hendrix)

Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Free Bird

Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen)  

Free and Easy (Dierks Bentley)

If I Had a Hammer (Peter, Paul, and Mary)


Here are the links for the other people participating in the musical theme activity! These are always interesting to check out! Enjoy!

Bear       OH FREEDOM!

Bear       FREEDOM


Willow     FREEDOM

Willow     FREEDOM: PART 2

Willow     FREEDOM 3

D.S. Nelson    #17 MUSIC OF FREEDOM


16 comments on “The Sounds of Freedom (Musical Theme for November 17)

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  3. Hello Deborah. I’m so glad you did not sit this one out. I had trouble finding a direct focus with the last theme I picked–Humans–but pushing through and pulling it together as best I could at the time was a good learning experience. Judging from your intro commentary I hope you do explore it more fully now that it’s got its hooks in you. In a good way of course. 🙂
    O I do so LOVE The Boss’ Born To Run–it was the very first song of his I ever heard via a new friend who had discovered Springsteen and the E Street band before they hit mainstream music fame. Great energy music. 🙂

    • Thanks, Eva! Judging how long it took me to get to these comments, I don’t think I’ll be exploring this topic any time soon. I am so swamped with my work responsibilities at the moment. I am determined to have a life outside of work, but sometimes it is harder than I would have imagined.

      I do find that the songs with energy are part of what makes this theme activity so engaging for me. Sometimes, when I find a song that really “gets me going,” it helps energize me for the tasks at hand, which is sometimes a bit of a challenge. But The Boss seems to have that effect on me. 🙂

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