The Woman’s Skirt Award

This is a new award, created by my daughter, Kate at She remembered the director of my college writing center talking about how writing should be like a woman’s skirt, and it stuck with her. So she created this award, and I am one of the first eight people to receive the award! Thanks, Kate!  🙂


The Woman's Skirt Award

The point of this award is to acknowledge bloggers who we believe have found a good balance with their posts. Whether they’re long or short, they said what they needed to say yet didn’t go on and on just for the sake of reaching a word count or because they simply don’t know when to stop.

Here are the rules: 

1) Post the award on your blog and who nominated you

2) Share 8 things about yourself

3) Nominate 8 people and let them know

Eight Things About Me

  1. In addition to being the mother of the creator of this award, I have three other children, all male, all older than Kate.
  2. I am in the process of exploring lots of ideas and activities as I work on reimagining my life.
  3. As part of this reimagination project, I am having a count-“up” to my 60th birthday, known as 600 days to 60. I am currently at 546.
  4. This is my fifth year teaching English and Writing at a university in Taiwan.
  5. During my first two years in Taiwan, I was here on my own; since year three, I’m thrilled to report, my husband is here with me.
  6. In the last couple of months, I’ve found a way to bring quilting back into my life.
  7. I have many awesome students.
  8. The coffee shop around the corner is my home away from home. A great latte can fuel a couple hours of writing and grading projects.

The eight people I nominate for this award

This is a brand new award, and I’d like to see it take off. Congratulations to the nominees! And thanks, Kate, for the nomination and for creating this award.

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11 comments on “The Woman’s Skirt Award

  1. What a fun award! (And even better that your daughter invented it :))

    Congrats on receiving the award. I really appreciate you thinking of my blog as one of your eight to pass it along to. Thank you 🙂

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