The Power of Fire (Musical Theme for November 22)

I’m not happy with the way I handled this theme, but it was either this or sit it out. I’ve sat out most of today on many levels, as my personal fire is in short supply today. Luckily, I won’t always feel this way. So I’ll post this, knowing tomorrow will be different, if not downright better.

Fire and Rain (James Taylor)

Set Fire to the Rain   (Adele)

I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

Mother Earth is Burning   (Aloid)

We Didn’t Start the Fire  (Billy Joel)

This Fire    (Franz Ferdinand)  

Eyes, boring a way through me
Paralyse, controlling completely
Now there is a fire in me
A fire that burns

This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn it, I’ll burn it
I, I, I’ll burn it down
[ Lyrics from: ]
Eyes, burning a way through me
Overwhelm, destroying so sweetly
Now, there is a fire within me
A fire that burns

This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
This fire is out of control
Then I, I’m out of control
And I burn,

Oh, how I burn for you
Burn, oh how I burn for you
Burn, how I
Burn, how I
Burn, oh how I…

This fire is out of control,
I’m gonna burn this city,
Burn this city…

This Fire lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Raging Fire

Raging Fire
Can you see the licking flame
Waiting for its time
Its increasing energy
Preparing for the prime
Fed up with your boring prate
All senses gettin’ lost
Second to none our flame shall rouse
Just like a growing host
Raging Fire burning down the walls
Raging Fire the rebellion force
Raging Fire all across the land
Raging Fire fights in self-defense
The anger grows on and on
The young sand up and fight
No more lies and censorship
All oppressed sand tight
Knights of fortune and dictators
They can’t stand this heat
We know what we want from life
beware we break your greed
Raging Fire burning down the walls
Raging Fire the rebellion force
Raging Fire all across the land
Raging Fire fights in self-defense
Wake up break the silence
Come on join our league
We must stand defiant
To dethrone the breed
Raging Fire burning down the walls
Raging Fire the rebellion force
Raging Fire all across the land
Raging Fire fights in self defense
Raging Fire

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D.S. Nelson


43 comments on “The Power of Fire (Musical Theme for November 22)

    • Why not use those six and make your own theme post? You are welcome to do so. 🙂 Then I, who am not on FB, and am not your Mother, can see too. I am most curious to see what else is on fire —- Bear

      • Lol. I am a silly sort; I only post on certain days of the month, knowing what those things will be weeks in advance.

        I shall enclose my list here though!
        First, the Glee cover of one of my mom’s selections: Fire and Rain.
        And since I’m a Gleek, #2 will be their cover of Fire and #3 will be Girl on Fire, though Alicia Keys version would suffice, hehe.
        #4 The Hell’s Kitchen intro (Fire by the Ohio Players, I believe), especially from season 7 if you’re interested in youtubing it.
        #5 Fireflies- Owl City. I could listen to this on repeat– it’s been stuck in my head ever since sending it along to mom.
        And no list of mine pertaining to fire could leave out “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

      • You would fit right in. 🙂 Put you post together and publish on your preferred date. I’ll edit you in to the links post, if you alert me that you have published, perhaps with a reply to the links page

        These don’t really have a deadline or any requirements except when you elect to participate in a particular theme choice … as you have already figured out … it is a theme. And we try not to publish ahead of time so as to not rush ourselves ’cause we all do other things. Or not. You may have too much else to take on one more thing. Not a problem. Just wanted you to know that the work you’ve done compiling a list can be used, if you like. 🙂

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      • Bear, I address Kate’s selections below and her (non)participation, but just to clarify, she doesn’t post them on Facebook either. What she was referring to was a private chat on Facebook between the two of us. She and I have an ongoing conversation that way. Just the easiest way for us to keep in touch being half way across the world from each other. My oldest son, on the other hand, chooses weekly phone calls. 🙂

      • Thank you. There are a few advantages to adult children being far away. Communication isn’t one. Mine each have a different preferred means, as well. Technology dependent communication is disconcerting occasionally when the means goes down …. I get all worried that one of the (adult) children is trying to contact me…. and I’m not responding. 😦 Has happened. Example: was off-line for over 24 hrs, just now …. had to get a new Wi-Fi extender. Thanksgiving is soon.————- and I am still making etiquette booboos via internet such as this one of interrupting. I apologize. —– Bear

      • Dearest Bear,

        You are not interrupting, at least I don’t see it that way. I am always interested in your ideas and what you have to say. I am also happy to bounce back and let you know what’s going on. We still have lots to learn about each other. I am enjoying the process. No apology needed. 🙂

        Best Wishes, Deborah

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  4. Hmm, may I suggest that Sincerely Kate collaborate and play along with a post too?! Why not? Come on and Music Theme Play with us, Kate.
    Hey Deborah, for something you’re not satisfied with I think this came out pretty damn well. I love that Billy Joel video commentary. And wow, I’m on Fire in the KITCHEN?! LOL that’s great.
    We both selected Adele. 🙂 You went with Taylor — I was tempted. Yes,I was.

    • I’ve talked to Kate about participating, but she pretty much has her mind made up. However, I told her I’d post hers as a second to mine. She said, “no,” but I do have them. She sent me the links. 🙂

      • I don’t recall saying no to you posting them… in fact, I think I said si, mentioned I already mentioned them to Bear, and told you you could use “Great Balls of Fire” instead of one of the Glee covers 😛

  5. OOO!! So clever why did I not thin of Adele or James Taylor all of your tracks are simply amazing!! Billy Joel’s track We didn’t start the fire…. best history lessen ever this should br played at school to teach children modern history !! Brilliant post!! Well done. xxxx

    • Thanks, Willow! You can thank last semester’s students for introducing me to that song by Adele. James Taylor is an old time favorite. Not to the point where I would take on Johnny’s REM challenge, but I do like him. 😉

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  7. To those of you who think I need to participate, I might next year. The thing about my blog is that it follows a bit of a theme of its own and these music things don’t quite fit in. HOWEVER! I’m considering adding a “Miscellaneous Mondays” into my rotation where I do book reviews, accept blog awards, and jump on wordpress bandwagons, so when there’s a week I’d like to participate, I will likely do so then 🙂

    • Hey Kate,
      I can only speak for myself. Just wanted to encourage you in case you were hesitant for any reason. You know exactly what you want to do with your blog and when–which is exactly as it should be. Have fun! 🙂

      • I know what you mean. For me, it might be time of the year. I have my (not-so-secret) collaborator, if you want an assist. 🙂

        Seriously though, you might have something among all your beautiful art. I’ve been working at coming to terms with the fact that not all hopes, wishes, or fantasies have to come true. When I think of things I would want if I had no fear or didn’t have to worry about consequences, I actually find myself more willing to come up with fantasies. In other words, the knowledge that they WON’T come true makes them all the more engaging. I don’t know if I’m making sense.

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