The Revolution of Music: Another Mother/Daughter Collaboration


Eva selected revolution as our current theme. Mother told the daughter she wanted a music revolution, so the daughter obliged, choosing popular songs from each decade that are all recognizable years after their respective decades.

Then the mother asked the daughter if she wanted to help with commentary, and the daughter replied, “If you would have asked me for commentary sooner I could have done something better, but instead you and your readers will have to deal with the past 6 decades in a horrible nutshell.”

We now present the horrible nutshell!

The 50s

We will start with the man who originally got us all shook up, Elvis Presley.

Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley)


The 60s

The British Invasion soon swept through, and what better song to use for said era than Revolution?

Revolution (Beatles)

Other genres that swept the nation, world, whatever, include Motown.

My Girl (The Temptations)


The 70s

As the 60s became the 70s we heard more and more from songwriters, but the musical phenomenon known as Grease was also heard by just about everyone.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)


Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)

You’re the One That I Want (Grease)

The 80s

In addition to the world being graced with my presence in the 80’s, we also received the gift of songs that would get stuck in your head… but in a good way. I picked the Lego video because not only did mother request an “art revolution,” Legos are a revolution in their own right.

Thriller  (Michael Jackson)


Madonna (Like a Virgin)

The 90s

Things took one heck of the turn prior to the turn of the century– we went from having catchy songs to songs that found their way into your head and wouldn’t leave until it was replaced with something else. It didn’t help that radios would play these singles ad nauseam for anyone who wasn’t a teenage girl.

Quit Playing Games (with my Heart) (Back Street Boys)

What a Girl Wants (Christina Aguilera)


The 2000s

And since obnoxious stuff could no longer be contained in the radio stations, reality TV shows took over the television stations, too. Fortunately, for me at least, Glee came along right around the time American Idol became more about the gimmicks than the music.

A Moment LIke This Kelly Clarkson

Don’t Stop Believing   Glee


Although some musicians *cough* Lady Gaga *cough* are still about the gimmick, we do have artists such as Adele and Bruno Mars that are capable of performing music that mother requested by name

Born This Way   Lady Gaga

Someone Like You (Adele)

Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars)


Daughter likes writing for the Mother since Mother doesn’t have the ridiculous standards I set for myself. I’m a revolution of one, I suppose. Feel free to join it at

Mother likes Horrible Nutshells.;-)