7:11 pm on 12/3/13

officeSometimes, moments are messy. This particular moment didn’t look messy to the casual observer. My husband and I were having our amazing dinner. He had prepared dinner (as is the case most of the time), and it tasted great. I was aware of the time. In fact, he noticed me checking the time. It was 7:08. And at 7:11, he had just initiated a conversation about the desks in my office. That all of the desks are now in their appropriate cubicles. Oh happy day!

Our offices were relocated from one building on campus to another, and the past weekend was “moving day.” I did meet with someone about the textbook project on Monday, but it was loads of fun without a desk, so today, I came home after class to work. Now that the desks are back, life can resume.

But I also realized that there was a project that I wanted to be further along on. And because, some projects are taking more energy and attention than is warranted, other things have slipped away. I haven’t let myself dwell on them, but tonight they were somehow coming back to haunt me, just subtly–around the edges of my consciousness. Time to make a new list. Organize the things that are floating around in my head. Because the high spirits I had earlier thinking things were moving along ok are more illusionary than real.

So I will regroup tonight. Make that list. Spend a few moments catching my breath and planning for tomorrow. Enjoy my husband’s company. And start again tomorrow. This is just one moment. Others will be better. Others will be more significant and relevant. I won’t dwell on this one.


A Moment in Time is a shared blogging experience, where writers document and share their stories from the same moment on the same day. The day and time for the next A Moment in Time is posted by Randee every few days in such a way that you’ll have a heads up on the exact moment to which you need to attend and focus on and, if it’s significant in some way, write about and add to the list.

6 comments on “7:11 pm on 12/3/13

  1. I like your Moment in Time! I agree with you that if we allow ourselves to just chill out and breathe and enjoy the people in our lives for a moment or two then that makes tackling the necessary stuff the next day or at some moment in the future all the more possible. Thanks for participating in A Moment in Time!

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