More or Less – A Musical Exploration of Want and Need

With my not-so-secret collaborator, a collection of songs was begun with the idea of “have” and “have not,” feast or famine, greed and gratitude in an effort to contrast “more” and “less.” With just a couple of exceptions, the selections turned out to be more relationship driven than I had intended. But the results are still interesting, with the longing for more that is part of relationships that can never be and with gratitude when one finds the relationship that fulfills one’s hopes and dreams. And one song reminds us that even though we can’t always have what we want, we can often find what we really need.

I’m Not That Girl (Wicked)

I Want It NOW! (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

This one shows the greed of someone who is spoiled, used to getting her own way. And no matter what she has, she always wants more. Her father has given her the idea that money can give her whatever she wants, and she is good(!) at throwing temper tantrums.

On My Own – Samantha Barks (Les Miserables 2012)

I Could Not Ask For More (Edwin McCain)

(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life (Stacie Orrico)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Glee)

All You Need is Love (Glee)

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22 comments on “More or Less – A Musical Exploration of Want and Need

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  5. This is good. We were all different again with this theme. I’m glad you found a well of thematic goodness in glee. It’s good for those times when you can only find 5 videos on topic. : )

      • I’m mostly ok. Lots of work to do, but getting ready for bed here shortly. I’m still concerned about Bear, though. Sent her an email a couple of days ago, and no response to that either. I’ve never known her to be this silent.

      • And, also, are you doing ok? You aren’t posting as much as usual, but I know how life can get in the way. I’ve gotten kind of attached to you. 🙂

      • There is so much going on none of it much fun but hey tat is life! As for Bear I do hope she is well and okay I am sure she will be she is a very organized and well prepared lady! … sorry for dela in answering I am in and out of the room!

      • no problem with delay. Always happy to hear from you whenever I do. I know about so much to do. That’s why my plate spinner dialogue is all about. This hectic pace has to stop. Decluttering is the project of the moment. Get rid of this stuff so I’m not buried alive. Thanks for the reassurance about Bear. I would like a day or two off, but that won’t happen for a while. OK, ten minutes to bedtime here. 🙂

      • I do understand the plate spinning analogy but whatever we do it does not get any easier, all I can suggest is that you are not too hard on yourself as it will not change anything even if you harrang yourself all you will get is a headache . I have a headache today!! Okay off to bed with you sleep well!! Big hugs!! 😉 xxxxxxxx

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