Love and Random Acts of Kindness: A Musical Exploration

For today’s theme, Eva chose A Love Letter In This Digital Age: Music Theme ~ Love. While there is a touch of romantic love in this post, the Collaborator and I explored the larger realm of love when people reach out to others and show love in unexpected ways. Sometimes, it’s as simple as making someone smile or laugh. And sometimes it’s much more profound. Regardless, random acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life, and the possibilities exist for them to make a bigger impact, especially if people pay it forward.

I sometimes have a tendency to be overly optimistic, but I find that it’s better than the alternative. Looking for the good sometimes disappoints, but there are moments when love transcends many of these disappointments. And in case you think I’m a little too optimistic, I have another post to follow that is much lighter.  🙂

Give a Little Bit (Roger Hodgson)

Stereo Hearts (Glee)

Better Days (Goo Goo Dolls)

Build Me Up, Buttercup  (Highway Sing-A-Long)

Good Life (OneRepublic)

Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)

Heroes (Glee)

Pay It Forward


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19 comments on “Love and Random Acts of Kindness: A Musical Exploration

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    • Thanks, Randee! I can’t help smiling with that one, too. I’m glad you had time for one. 🙂 If you only have time for one more, I’d recommend the first one with the security candles. It’s pretty awesome!

      • Thanks! I’ll do that now because it’s Friday night, I’m finally home from a long week, the house is quiet, and Here goes!

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  3. Hi Deborah & Collaborator,
    Your take on the security cameras is the very FIRST positive piece I’ve ever seen and heard about these devices. Great scenes on it.
    I’m glad you posted the Pay It Forward clip. I too considered it. Great piece.
    Glee! Dolphins and more.
    I’ll be back for the rest soon.

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