Gumption: Keyword for Winter

A couple of thank yous are in order.

To Joycelyn at for getting me into this whole seasonal keyword thing (and a multitude of other helpful ideas and processes).

To Steph at for her post that inspired this season’s new keyword. As Steph writes,

There are a lot of lessons in “The Holiday.” Two of them go hand-in-hand: (1) “be the leading lady of your own life” and (2) start by having some “gumption.” We need to speak up for ourselves when things don’t go how we want them to go; we need to tell someone when they’re hurting us; we need to fight for what we believe in and deserve.

Too many times in 2013, I was the best friend in so many situations, and I relinquished the role of leading lady in my own life. So my seasonal keyword will be gumption, with this movie clip at hand as my cue to remember. I will focus on embracing the shades of gumption and live my life more fully, more inline with the role I’m intended to play. I have a few ideas about what this might mean, and I will be exploring them here in the days ahead. Thanks for joining me in this journey.

What would you choose for your seasonal keyword?

Check out my previous keywords below, along with the link to Steph’s post about The Holiday.

505 days until 60


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4 comments on “Gumption: Keyword for Winter

  1. Great movie clip. I’m wondering about the message though. I mean, we’ve got to be the best friend throughout life, too. It’s got to be about compromise. I supposed it matters what exactly we’re talking about here. I just can’t imagine a world where everyone wants to be the leading lady/man at all times. It seems it would be a lonely world.

  2. I love that you love that clip! And, I think “gumption” is such a great word. So many times, we let ourselves fall into patterns, and we forget to take the bull by the horns. As I’ve intimated in my posts several times over the last six months, I had a falling out with someone I thought was a dear friend. And though I tried to fix the “issue” or “misunderstanding,” and she intimated everything would be fine, it never was. It took a great deal of reflection to make my decision to walk away from a friendship that had become toxic. Then I realized how one-sided it had been. (It’s amazing what you can see when you step away from something). Even up until the end, I was the giving one in it. And though I stewed over it for many months (I gave it three to see if things would change), it didn’t, and I found the “gumption” I needed to do what had to be done. I am so much better for it now. Some things just aren’t worth agony, no matter how much you might have cared for that person at one time.

  3. I’ve never heard of this film but it looks wonderful, truly does. I love blogging as it always teaches you something! This was great.

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