While the Plate Spinner Sleeps

If you haven’t met Plate Spinner yet, you can learn more here.


As you know, I love quilting. And I follow a few great quilting blogs. One of them, Oh Sew Tempting, had a great giveaway contest starting today. Look at this great post! What quilter wouldn’t be crazy about bringing home this chicken? http://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/chicken-run-giveaway-sort-of/

quilted chicken

So I left this comment for Avis:

I absolutely love this idea! I am not looking to be in the draw, but I love the entries and the idea of these chickens going all over the world.  Awesome!  :-)

Which started a small conversation.

  • My daughter has been looking for geocaches and I was wondering whether the cache idea could be translated into some sort of patchwork travel bug. If you haven’t heard of geocache, just Google it. There are a few in Taiwan. That would be a great thing to share with your students I think. My initial idea was to have my chicken being passed around the world and to put it on a Google Map of all the locations it had reached. Then I came up with this idea instead which is nicer because the participants all get a chicken to keep :-)


    • My brother and his family do geocaching. And my daughter sent laminated squirrels around to a few places last year, with the idea that each person would photograph the squirrel doing a few interesting things and then pass it on to others. The photos were posted on a Facebook page. I had my Japanese exchange students take Mr. Squirrel on their field trips around Taiwan, and he got left on a bus, never to be heard from again. The students felt so bad to have to come back and tell me, but they did have great fun with him. Maybe I need a chicken for this year’s group. They arrive mid February.  :-)


        • So does that mean you are now in the draw :lol: There is always the risk that the geocache trail will end abruptly which is sad. It may well happen to the chicken run but it has already been fun today and I’m sure there’ll be some more entertaining comments over the next couple of weeks.


    • No. As you saw in my plate spinning post, I cannot take on any more plates. I have two quilting projects going right now, and even though the chicken wouldn’t be time consuming, that is my problem. I keep taking things on because they are cool and wouldn’t take much time. But multiply that by 3,651 and it becomes unmanageable.   ;-)

  • *********************************

    I may have dodged the bullet for now, but this is going to be a challenge to keep saying no. But Plate Spinner and I have another conversation planned, so I’m sure we can come up with a way to keep things moving in the right direction.

    Anyway, I won’t be giving Mrs. Chicken a home or making another chicken to send to someone else. And Avis was very understanding about the whole thing.  🙂

    I’m sure the chicken will go to a good home!

    quilted chicken



3 comments on “While the Plate Spinner Sleeps

  1. It’s good to say no more often, I’ve gotten much better at that over the past 8 years. Mostly because if I don’t I’ll end up so exhausted that I can’t really do much anymore until I take a very good long rest. Learning to say yes to genuine offers of help I find more difficult. I have to accept that certain things can also be done by other people and that the quality of the work doesn’t necessarily suffer from someone else doing it.

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