An Award to End All Awards :-)

In my last post, I accepted my last award, the Sunshine Award. To make my transition to a blog that no longer does awards, I’d like to thank Matthew at for The “No More Awards” award. It’s just what I need to cement my commitment to stop spending time on awards. I see the value of them, and I appreciate everyone who has given them to me in the past, but I have to focus on other things. Besides, it will make the Plate Spinner happy to know I’ve put down at least one plate.

This “No More Awards: award is specifically for blogs that don’t want awards. Plus it’s a fun way to leave awards behind. I’ll still be blogging and trying to find time to visit AND COMMENT on the blogs I follow.

If you are interested in having this award for yourself, the rules are listed below.  😉


Rules for accepting this award:

1. Write the numbers 12-17 in list form, but put nothing after them. Don’t say anything. At all.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 2. Nominate exactly 0 (zero) people for this award. Nominating even one blogger for this award automatically disqualifies you.

3. Feel free to tell others about my post. Don’t feel obligated, though.