An Award to End All Awards :-)

In my last post, I accepted my last award, the Sunshine Award. To make my transition to a blog that no longer does awards, I’d like to thank Matthew at for The “No More Awards” award. It’s just what I need to cement my commitment to stop spending time on awards. I see the value of them, and I appreciate everyone who has given them to me in the past, but I have to focus on other things. Besides, it will make the Plate Spinner happy to know I’ve put down at least one plate.

This “No More Awards: award is specifically for blogs that don’t want awards. Plus it’s a fun way to leave awards behind. I’ll still be blogging and trying to find time to visit AND COMMENT on the blogs I follow.

If you are interested in having this award for yourself, the rules are listed below.  😉


Rules for accepting this award:

1. Write the numbers 12-17 in list form, but put nothing after them. Don’t say anything. At all.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 2. Nominate exactly 0 (zero) people for this award. Nominating even one blogger for this award automatically disqualifies you.

3. Feel free to tell others about my post. Don’t feel obligated, though.

17 comments on “An Award to End All Awards :-)

  1. i love this idea. i am always very honored and touched by them, but find i feel guilty for never fulfilling my end of the acceptance and thank yous, other than thanking those who’ve nominated for me. i’ve decided to just thank people and let them know i am releasing them back into the universe. it ends there and no need for guilt or time worrying about doing it right or doing it at all. beth

    • Yeah, it became abundantly clear for me when I felt like I “had to” do an award post before I could do some of the other things I wanted to write. I realized that was kind of crazy, and that it was more important to write real posts, and to spend that “award” time on reading and commenting on blogs. I do like to go investigate other blogs that are part of the award posts that people send, but I just decided that for me, I have too much going on, and something had to give. This was one place that I could cut back and still stay involved in the parts of blogging that keep me going. Thanks for stopping by, Beth. 🙂

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine trying to keep up with the ones you had. I only had a few, but I would feel like I wasn’t doing justice to the people who sent them to me. This feels much better. And it’s interesting because LOTS of people understand. 🙂

  2. Such an inventive way to go award free. I’m planning to soon, just need to finish accepting the ones I’ve already been nominated for… Maybe by the end of this month.

    • I hear you , Megan! It really does feel good. And I can let people know I appreciate them in other ways, like commenting on their blog posts. So it does seem like a win-win.

    • So true, Randee! And there doesn’t seem to be a way to do them that doesn’t take forever. So many other things to do that can build community. Plus, I’ve decided if the community is small, so be it. I’d rather have that, than huge stats that become nothing but a blur. haha at least it’s what I tell myself with the stats I have. 😉

  3. yes I like the idea behind this award … and might take you up on it , as I find writing awards posts take me an age ! … and I do think I could use the time in better ways … reading and commented on others blogs etc… so great idea

    • I remember how awesome it was the first few times I got an award. I didn’t mind how long it took. But something happened, and I started dreading those posts because they took so long. And with everything I have to do in other aspects of my life, I had to ask myself: “Is this why I got into blogging?” Of course, it isn’t, so leaving the awards behind became an easy decision. This No Awards award just made it easy and fun to put the decision into practice. 🙂 Good luck to you whatever you decide.

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