A Moment in Time: Logan’s Birthday

I’d like to start with a shout-out to Randee at A String of Pearls. She is the one who got me thinking about these specific moments in time. She would randomly select a moment in time and post it on her blog for others to notice. If you chose to participate, you would be aware of the moment when it arrived and then share your written reflection on what happened. I’ve participated a few times, and my daughter gave it a mention in one of her posts–a moment that she otherwise would not have noticed in the same way. As she prepares for a blog pertaining to time, she thought about focusing on a specific moment in time.

So I plan to join my daughter at Sincerely Kate Mr. Loganat 1:23 pm on 1/23/14, as we notice what happens at that particular moment on Logan’s 3rd birthday. The moment will arrive for me in Taiwan a full 13 hours before it arrives for Kate and Logan in Michigan (the Eastern Time Zone in the US).

The other thing that will make this special for me is I will be on an overnight trip when the moment arrives. Because other people are planning our activities, I have absolutely no idea what we’ll be doing at that moment in time, adding to the adventure of the reflection. This is only the second time that Dave and I have been away overnight since being in Taiwan. The last time was last year at this time when we attended a wedding in northern Taiwan. This time we are headed to southern Taiwan–a must-see destination for visitors to Taiwan, but somewhere we have not yet been. We will board a train tomorrow morning at 8:11 to make the 4-hour trip. We will be greeted at the train station by one of my former students and her father. We will later meet up with another student from our university and will spend most of our time with them. It will be interesting because the parents of the second student don’t speak English. But they have graciously invited us to stay at their home. It will be a great adventure.

So, there you have it. Although Randee has decided to part with this concept, Kate and I are going to do it one last time in honor of Logan’s birthday. If you’d like to participate, feel free to join in and link back so we can see what you were doing at this moment in time: 1:23 pm on 1/23/2014. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. You may be surprised.

18 comments on “A Moment in Time: Logan’s Birthday

  1. Thanks for the shout-out for getting how cool it is to really think about what is going on in an exact moment. It sure does make you appreciate each and every moment even more. I will try to participate with you!

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  3. Happy birthday, for Logan 🙂

    This does sound like an adventure! Have a wonderful time 🙂 It’s so valuable to make connections like this, and carry them forward.

    • Well, we’re back home now, but the post I’ve done is only the beginning of the wonderful things I have to share from those 36 hours away. There was so much joy and discovery contained in that trip. I’ll be sharing it later in the week I hope. (Darn deadlines have to be taken care of first!) 😉

      • It will be good reading I’m sure, Deborah, as it sounds so lovely to get away like that. English is no issue! 🙂

  4. Very nice concept. I’ll ponder if I should do this or not. One time, I was thinking of driving around anywhere and take pictures at midnight and onwards. Wonder how would that go….hmmmm.

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