The Seven Deadly Sins: A Musical Theme for February

Image courtesy of fotographic1980 /

Image courtesy of fotographic1980 /

If you’ve been following the Container Chronicles, you know that I have been participating in Music Themes for a while. Since October, my daughter at Sincerely Kate has been my Collaborator. After we announced the Hobbies and Pastimes theme, the other participants have had things come up, and the group seemed to be on hold for a bit. On one hand, my friend, the Plate Spinner is thrilled because that’s one less thing taking so much time and energy, but at the same time I enjoy this creative exercise and would like to do it, just maybe not so often.

With that said, Kate and I decided we would get the Music Themes back up and running, though we will only be doing this monthly compared to every 4-5 days. Everyone is welcome to join us, posting videos, poetry, and/or artwork as it’s convenient for them. Should the others like to post a theme over the next few months, we’ll gladly put together some sort of schedule so everyone gets a fair shake at this.

February’s Theme: The Seven Deadly Sins

Kate has posted about each of these sins in the past, and she thought it would be fun to look at them again in a different way. Personally I am more likely to explore a couple of them in more depth. But regardless, should be a lot of fun.

What ideas do you have about how music might tell a story or two about one or more of the seven deadly sins? Feel free to comment below OR maybe you’d like to join us in our Music Themes project for February. When Kate and I finish our posts, we’ll link them here. You can do the same and see what we all come up with.

Flashback to our Hobbies and Pastimes Theme



5 comments on “The Seven Deadly Sins: A Musical Theme for February

    • In our old series, people usually did six videos, but it’s totally ok to join in with just one or two. My guess is my daughter will do a video for each of the sins, overachiever that she is. 😉 Mine is going to be more autobiographical, focusing on two sins (at least, that’s my current plan). 🙂 You can see the ones we did for Hobbies and Pastimes at the bottom of the post if you want to see how insane we are. 🙂

      We’d love to have you join us in whatever way works for you. 🙂

      • Great! Okay.. I will have to give it some thought.. and you may have to remind me as you know that I am SUPPOSED to be focusing on other things right now.. sigh .. 🙂

      • The great thing about it is you have all month (as in February). And you’ll see the posts that Kate and I do. So you’ll have a few reminders. 🙂 But it’s optional. We like it for the fun and the flexing of the creative muscles in a way that is different from our usual activities. Good luck with your focus on those other things. 🙂

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