Coffee in Paradise: Reprise

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs amazing as that view was yesterday, the Magic Café also has an awesome interior. As if you would ever spend time inside. Well, maybe. If we really did go back sometime, and spend the day (and evening), going inside briefly to enjoy a Round Two latte wouldn’t be bad. Or if the weather didn’t fully cooperate, spending part of the day inside wouldn’t be bad. Though I have to tell you, I’d walk in the rain on that lovely beach!.

To be honest, I just had a brief glimpse of the inside, but I was so intrigued, I asked Dave to get a few pictures of it (since he was enjoying his photography session). He was taking pictures of the building anyway, so I didn’t feel too guilty asking him to take some pictures inside. Though I did have to clarify. I think no one really expected there to be seating inside.

It’s not a big place, but they’ve managed to have lots of interesting nooks and crannies, with an eclectic but charming décor. I find it interesting that with the water and coconut trees that they put so much effort into the interior, but they did, and it looks great!


I have to make a point to pace myself next time and actually check out the inside for myself.


As if there aren’t enough interesting things to look at, there are also some lovely seating areas. And next time, we could pose with our beverages at these seating areas.


Or maybe you would prefer this arrangement. We could pose here as well. You do notice, don’t you, that there is not a single person sitting inside? But I’m sure there are times when the indoor seating is used. But probably not on these beautiful sunny days.


OK, this one I could see spending a little time in this seating area, since one could glace sideways and see the ocean off in the distance. But eventually, who could resist the sand and the waves?


We definitely need to plan a full day for this place next time to get the full coffee relaxation experience.




8 comments on “Coffee in Paradise: Reprise

    • Coffee shops have often been my writing getaway of choice. Just got back from a morning work session at one of the near-by coffee shops. For some reason, I seem to be so much more productive there. 🙂

    • Yeah, and then there’s crazy me, who loves ANY kind of coffee shop. I make the rounds at the local coffee shops and manage to find lots of interesting places. 🙂

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