This I Know: SofCS

This week, the prompt is “I know this in my heart.” Write about something you just know – not necessarily a fact, but more a feeling.

Somehow I’m going to get through this rough spot. It’s normal to feel stressed and run down and unable to move in any direction when all kinds of things are happening around me. I know that I’ll feel better soon. I know I’ll find a path through the madness and get back on track, even though it doesn’t feel like it right now. I know that I can just give myself a break and tomorrow things will look a whole lot better. And if they don’t, there’s another new day after that. I don’t know how many new days it will take until I find myself in the space that feels right, but it will come. I even had a momentary glimpse of it yesterday. In my heart, I have to trust my own process and know that I will that magic again.

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