at last – may!

This is encouraging! After the last two weeks, I’ve never been so happy to see May Day in my life! Let’s dance!

I didn't have my glasses on....



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6 comments on “at last – may!

  1. I am glad you’re happy it’s May. I’m more feeling like “What, is it May already??? Seriously, what did I spend my time on in April (and March and February too, to be honest)???”.

  2. Well, there is that. I just wouldn’t have to deal with the last two weeks again for anything in the world. May is like a clean slate. Well, no it’s not. But I can pretend that some of the things of April can be left there. As for where did the time go, yeah, I’m with you. How DID it get to be May, but now that it’s here, I think I’ll go for that dance. 😉

    Nice to see you, Emmely! 🙂

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