Birthdays in Taiwan (2014): Part 1

I have this great idea for a series of the awesome things students and others have done for my birthdays while I’ve been in Taiwan. I had hopes that I would do them in order. hahahaha! But here we are at birthday number 5, and the other four haven’t been written.

My birthday is actually today (well, in this part of the world). My birthday is Sunday, but for some of you, it’s still Saturday when you read this. Some of my students from my Wednesday writing class got wind of this event early, and they created a surprise moment in class.

It was awesome when they did it in class, but what I didn’t know is that they also made a video of it. So here I am, in all my pre-birthday glory, attempting to make a teaching moment out of a birthday surprise.

Thanks to some wonderful students for a wonderful birthday surprise on Wednesday. Now on my birthday, they posted a video of the moment. Thanks Sherri, Stephanie, Lynn, and 童大容!

I’m off for a birthday adventure in a little while. I will post about it later.  🙂

21 comments on “Birthdays in Taiwan (2014): Part 1

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    • Yeah, my students are awesome. And over the years that I’ve been here, many have become friends after being students. It’s really given me a sense of belonging.

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