If We Were Having Coffee: End of June Edition


Last week, I did my first “If We Were Having Coffee” post. You can see it here.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that . . .

  • I’m feeling a little more motivated than I did last week. I’ve relaxed the expectations I’ve placed on myself for how much should be accomplished in a week, and it’s made a big difference.
  • I’d tell you that new possibilities seem to be heading my way. Things to think about to ease the future transitions.
  • I’d tell you that I’m working on easing my insecurities about my ability to rise up to meet the challenges that these new possibilities bring my way. I’d talk about how I understand that it’s crazy to doubt myself, but that there’s an irrational part of me that hasn’t quite let go of that fear yet.
  • I’d tell you that my major focus is to bolster my self confidence so that I can grab these new opportunities by the horns.
  • I’d tell you that I’m a little disheartened by the fact that if this were any other summer since I’ve been in Taiwan, I would be beginning a few weeks in the US–still working on various projects for the university, but able to reconnect with friends and family–particularly, my parents, my daughter, and my grandson.
  • I’d tell you that I can’t believe June is on its last legs? I’d ask you where has the first half of the year gone?
  • I’d tell you I want to make the second half of the year count, but with much less stress than the first half of the year brought.
  • Finally, I’d tell you that I have plans to do some quilting this week, and that you should watch this space.

See you next week!  🙂


What about you? If we were having coffee, what you be talking about this week? Post in the comments below or do your own post and link back here.  🙂







7 comments on “If We Were Having Coffee: End of June Edition

  1. And I’d tell you that you are obviously capable of grabbing any opportunity, that I too have no idea where the last six months have gone, that I’m beginning to a feel a little stressed with the amount of stuff I’ve set out to do; that I hope you’re not feeling too homesick; that I would love to see your quilts and all of mine are coming apart at the seams, and could I have tea, instead, please? 🙂

  2. I’d tell you to go for those opportunities (if they’re really good ones that is) and not to doubt yourself. I’d also tell you that I am having huge trouble believing that it will be July tomorrow, meaning that it’s my birthday the day after (really, how did that happen so fast again?). My boyfriend is taking me out for dinner that day so at least that’s something good to look forward to!

  3. Sounds like a lot of change and possibility coming your way. Scary and exciting, but you are up to the challenge, I am sure of it 🙂

  4. More motivation is a good thing. I’m looking forward to seeing your quilting progress.

    If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking tea 🙂 but I’d tell you that I struggle with insecurities, too and shy away from opportunities. I wish I had some advice, but if I did, I’d follow it myself! We have visitors coming the next two weekends, and then I see my parents a couple weeks after that. With any luck, I’ll keep July busy enough that I won’t even notice my birthday slip by!

  5. Hi, Debbie! Over that delicious capuccino (however that is spelled–who cares? Just enjoy it!) I’d be telling you right on back that it has been a glorious six months. Gratitude overfloweth. Our house has undergone a transformation which makes us feel held in beauty and safety. My drumming has improved. (Practice pays off!) I feel like I have been to my friend Valerie R as you have so often been to me–a loving supporter who has made a difference in her daily life. I’ve had the fun of building an enthusiastic fannish relationship to Philadelphia’s premier Star Trek wedding band (!) the Roddenberries, populated with musicians who have become friends and have given me the chance to take my Klingon self out for a walk:-) I’d mention that husband Ken has completed his book, a wonder packed full of his splendid photographs and deep research on the ecology of Center City Philadelphia. It might need another cup on another day to mention how my relationship to my brother has improved since my dad died, (Good grief. Long process.) And I’d mention what fun Facebook has become . And how cool it was to find the link to your coffee post here!

  6. If we were having coffee together I’d help you to write a time plan to motivate you 🙂 it works for me. I’ve even got my Mum doing 20 minutes of yoga with me every evening after work, which I’m just beginning to understand after two weeks is hard to stay motivated for.
    just one target for the summer:
    I wish I could learn to speak fluent French in my sleep 🙂
    I’m wondering if it actually works if you listen to a language for half an hour before you go to sleep it sinks in by morning 🙂 I’ll let you know lol.

    • I would imagine the language before sleep would help if it were part of a concentrated effort to learn a language, where the listening is just icing on the effort cake. I’ve been living in a foreign country for five years now, and awake or asleep, no matter how much I listen to the language, it’s not sinking in. It will be interesting to see how it works for you. Maybe you’ll do a post on it at some point. 🙂

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