“Visiting” Rome: Summer Camp 2014

Image courtesy of 89studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of 89studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This is my second week with this challenge. I’m late for this post, but I had an unusual schedule this week. Still I want to report my progress about last week’s goals and set a few for the next three days. And then I’ll be back on schedule.

Before I give you the update on last week’s goal, let me tell you briefly what I did the first four days of this week. We held an English Summer Camp at our university. It was the first year for such an endeavor, and it was an intense, but fun four days. On Monday morning, we met 30 young people, ages 10-16 who would stay with us for four days and three nights. I didn’t have to spend the nights. We had teaching and residential assistants for that part. I was one of three teachers, as well as one of the main developers of the curriculum we used. I’ll be posting more about it in my Ten Things of Thankful post in a day or two, but for now, let me just say that by the time I got home at the end of the day, I was pretty much drained from being cheerleader, entertainer, and energizer bunny–all in one. It was successful, and I’m glad I did it, but yeah, it was exhausting.

One side note: For one of the writing activities, I took students on virtual tours of a couple European cities. Hence, the title of my post: “Visiting Rome.”

Progress on last weeks goals (WEEK of July 8)

So back to last week’s goals (week of July 8). I wrote about how I wanted to designate 20 one-hour blocks of time and then schedule tasks that would fit into those slots. Last week, that meant setting up four one-hour blocks for each workday. I estimated how many “blocks” each of my goals would take.

1.  Complete 18 one-hour blocks.  The tasks for those blocks include:

NOTE: Since a couple of people expressed interest in the idea of these “working blocks,” I’ll just say that my first week of experimenting with this had mixed results. Sometimes, I used them, and had good results. Other times, it was still hard to get going. But one of the most amazing things for me was that on a day that the blocks were coming fast and heavy, I found I was able to move through the editing project at an amazing pace. Not that the editing itself went unusually fast, but I found that I was so focused. I attribute it to setting the music timer for the hour, and then continuing on because of the momentum.  I’m going to give this a try again next week (week of the 21st).  🙂

  • an editing project – EXCEEDED GOAL  (As I mentioned above, the block aspect really helped this project. I had mapped out this project over several weeks–it’s a huge project, and I completed five weeks! So, even if that’s the ONLY benefit from using the blocks, it’s something I’m willing to continue experimenting with.
  • writing project – some progress, not as much as I had hoped
  • completing a project spreadsheet – COMPLETED (I seriously underestimated the time this one would take, but it’s done)
  • preparing for fall classes – no progress on this one; more prepping for summer camp than I had planned.

2.  Maintain walking three times this week (in spite of the heat). YAY! I actually did it 5 times!

3.  Complete Step 2 of the Mystery Quilt Challenge. I did nothing with quilting last week. Thinking about quilting is not the same as quilting.

4.  Visit more of my fellow builders, now that I’ve jumped into the fray. I visited a few this week.

5.  Make a plan for my blog.  Thinking about blogging is not the same as blogging.

GOALS FOR what’s left of the week of July 14.

  1. Use one-hour blocks as needed to complete the following tasks:
  • an editing project – one more section
  • completing another project spreadsheet
  • preparing for fall classes – just type the notes for one session
  • write three emails regarding one of my fall classes and a meeting for next week

2.  Walk twice over the weekend.

3.  Complete Step 2 of the Mystery Quilt Challenge.

4.  Visit more of my fellow builders, now that I’ve jumped into the fray.

If you’d like to play along, you can join in here:   http://greenembers.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/building-rome-week-29-opensaysame/