A question of balance?

Your Friday prompt for Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post is, end your post with a question. Extra points if you fit an exclamation mark somewhere in the body of your post.

newyear's 2010 002A week to pick our own topic. How to get started. What will I write about? I could write about the fact that this week hasn’t gone according to plan. It hasn’t been a bad week, unless you judge it solely on how much of my weekly list got accomplished. However, there is more to life than a to-do list. I know that. Still, I’d like to be closer to catching up.

On the other hand, today and nearly every day this coming week has social events scheduled. Not my choice, yet they are all important, and they are all time sensitive. In other words, they can’t be put off.

If I had a third hand, I’d be focusing some time on the big picture and what is really reasonable to have on a to-do list over the next 7 weeks. Maybe I should choose just a few significant things (however I decide to define that), and allow lots of down time to do things I find relaxing and rewarding, like more quilting and other creative endeavors.

I realize as I am writing this, that the cloud of apathy that has been my constant companion for a while now might possibly be dissipating. Even if it’s just beginning, that would be great news. It also means that once again, SofCS has helped me make a realization that breaks down the “logjams” that exist in my head (and in my physical environment). Writing is amazing!

So, now I’m thinking that it’s time for a fourth hand that would take a day away from the expected and do some writing and exploring of all the things floating around in my head. In that way, I may discover a fifth hand that I hadn’t thought of. After all, I can let my subconscious mull all of this stuff over for a couple of days, and then see what nuggets of insight it will provide if I just take the time to write and listen to it.

So, I’m taking comments and suggestions. I suspect I know how this will go, but I’ll ask anyway. If you were in my situation, what would you do?


This post is part of SofCS: http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-july-2514/

15 comments on “A question of balance?

  1. One thing is for sure – I’d like to have five hands!
    Take it all one step at a time. When I have lots to do I tend to procrastinate, which is the worst thing to do of course. My suggestion therefore would be don’t do what I do. Go with the flow but keep moving!
    Thanks very much for your participation, Deborah. I’m glad it helped you sort things out! 😀

  2. Wow. I dunno if you need five hands…Maybe five days more in each week…Although five hands could be helpful — hard to dress, I’m sure…
    I’m glad the apathy is lifting 🙂

  3. Long before I had children, I asked for a third hand for my birthday. I was absolutely serious!

    I would take a few deep breaths, and ask myself what I want to do, and then do that, whatever it is, even if it isn’t on any list. Sometimes, clarity comes when I do that – and my to-do lists, when I have them, are anything but cast in stone.

    Lately, I’ve been keeping a list with only 6-8 items on it. Half are writing-related, the other half hometending. Today, only the writing ones are likely to be touched, since I seem to have picked up a fairly persistent tummy bug I’m hoping is only the 24 hour variety. I really did want to mow more of the shaggy lawn before it storms tomorrow, but my body is telling me that would be more than foolish.

    I’m glad your apathetic cloud is thinning out, and I hope you will do many things that make you feel good!

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  5. Like others, I agree that writing it out gives some clarity. Place the note somewhere prominent, that is best done in the old fashioned hand written way to then be transcribed here, so that it triggers the importance of the decision..

  6. I too often wish I was more caught up on things, although then I often realize I’ve put many things on myself that are not that essential, at least for the time being. So I agree with your idea to focus on just a few significant things in light of how many upcoming special events you have that can’t be put off. What also helps me when I have a lot happening over an extended period is to try not to focus on weeks’ worth of commitments, but break it down into smaller chunks. Helps me get through it all without getting too overwhelmed – -your thoughts to include down time is a good one for that, too. Great post!

  7. I love that the “cloud of apathy” dissipated as you wrote your post! Fantastic. I definitely have discovered that writing is a way for me to process, release and focus myself…writing is indeed an amazing outlet for some people that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and glad to have found you.

    • I may have jumped the gun a bit on the dissipation, but apparently, it’s going to be a slower process. However, at least I had a glimmer of it. So I’m looking forward to gaining more perspective in the next few days. I am definitely going to do some more writing to help the process along.

      Nice to meet you too! 🙂

  8. I don’t think you can do much more than what your’re doing now – which is thoughtfully examine what is on your plate and what you can realistically accomplish. From my experience, overestimating what I can accomplish leaves me feeling a failure and not even wanting to bother trying. Good luck to you 🙂

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