Where Did I Put That Map of Rome?

Image courtesy of 89studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of 89studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Building Rome is a mini-challenge hosted by Bradley at Green Embers. Participants set weekly goals, then report in the next week, and cheer each other on along the way. You might want to join in the fun.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve come up with a general format for these reports: (1) Report my progress for the previous week; (2) Provide commentary that explains shifts in progress and understanding and future goals–with the hope it doesn’t bore you to tears; and 3) the goals for the upcoming week. Preparing these posts really gets me focused for the time ahead.

Check out my idea in the COMMENTARY section for a challenge to clear out clutter, and let me know if you might be interested.


1. Complete 18 12 one-hour blocks. The tasks for those blocks include: (12 one-hour blocks was much more workable)

  • editing project (3 sections) – 2 sections completed
  • writing project (finalize template, begin introductory material) template nearly complete
  • complete a project spreadsheet (PRIORITY) — list completed, incorporate with scheduling for yearly list below (next week)
  • write an abstract draft and other preliminary materials for new research project – exceeded — not only drafted, but revised and submitted
  • make a rough schedule for the coming year — determine which projects are really the priority in order to set appropriate course for return to US — the basic list is completed, scheduling for this week

2. Maintain walking three times this week (in spite of the heat). (I kicked butt here again. I’m leaving it on the list for next week though because I’m adding Curves back to my goals, and want to maintain the walking along with the additional exercise.)

3. Start piecing possible designs for quilted postcards.  — gathered scraps from the scrap bag, pressed them to begin possible sewing

4. Visit more of my fellow builders and comment on their posts.  I felt like this was totally on track this week.  🙂

5. Make a plan for my blog. have done a lot of thinking about this. I’ll be posting about it soon to get feedback from others

6. Catch up on my unanswered comments. –significant progress


  • mended a suit coat for a friend
  • continued posting on blog every day
  • started back to Curves



Bradley has another great theme for this week: This Week’s Theme: Flying Your Colors!

How’s this for a challenge:  Find something this week that will show the world just how awesome you really are, no matter how freaky you think it is! 😀

So, this week I’ve been thinking a lot about stalling out. Yes, I got things done, and I got quite a few things done, but I’m not always getting the most important things done. I’m not even getting the things that are most fun done. I’m getting the things that require the least emotional investment. There are exceptions, but that’s the observation I’ve made.

But the other part of the observation has to do with clutter. I have too much crap in my life, and it weighs me down in ways I have been denying for too long. So I’m thinking my awesome thing might be to start my own challenge (in a week or two–so I have time to think about it and organize) for a challenge to lighten our loads. If anyone else is out there thinking it’s time to sort through all the stuff in your life, let me know, and I’ll see what I can come up with. The more the merrier.  🙂



1. Complete 12 one-hour blocks. The tasks for those blocks include:

  • editing project (2 sections)
  • writing project (draft first unit; make plan for other units)
  • start a worksheet for new possibilities
  • schedule the tasks from last weeks list to make a rough schedule for the coming year

2. Go to Curves three times during the week.

3. Maintain walking three times a week.

4. Start piecing possible designs for quilted postcards.

5. Continue visiting my fellow builders.

6. Work on idea for decluttering challenge; continue posting daily; write a post about blogging idea.

7. Catch up on my unanswered comments.


Good luck to everyone on meeting your goals this week!


This post is part of the Building Rome Project. http://greenembe.rs/2014/08/04/building-rome-week-32-fly-the-flag-of-freak/

Another Episode of “Share Your World”

Share Your World – 2014 Week 30

Thanks to Cee for hosting this challenge.

I think it’s kind of cool that this week’s questions are all focused on the number two, because it’s Week #2 for me for participating. But I need to hurry as it’s already Monday of Week 31 in most of the world. But I’m going to type really fast.

List 2 things you have to be happy about.

 1. Even though there are a lot of details to be worked out, I have a better sense of where I’m headed for the next phase of my working life. It’s not what I expected, but I’ve learned that most of my best experiences have come from being open to the unexpected.

2. I am happy to have so many wonderful people in my life–family and friends, on BOTH sides of the water. While I long to be back with my children in the US, I have some “adopted” daughters in Taiwan. And I have friends here who have made my time here a true delight.

List at least 2 things in nature do you find most beautiful.

1. Baby anythings. I love kittens, puppies, bears, birds — well, you get the idea. I love new life.

2. Geological formations of any kind — Grand Canyon, Mt. Rainer, mountains in general, waterfalls.

3. Sunrise, Sunset (with or without the fiddler)

4. Gardens and fields. Color in all its grandeur.

Show us 2 of your favorites photographs. Explain why they are your favorite.   If you are not a photographer (serious or otherwise), think of a two favorite scenes in your life and tell us about them.

newyear's 2010 0021. This first photo is one of my favorites because I generally do not consider myself much of a photographer. This photo shows that sometimes I can just get lucky. It also reminds me of a very special day. It was New Year’s Day 2010. I was spending my first holiday season in Taiwan with a colleague from the university. She and her husband and their four daughters welcomed me into their home, and we had just a delightful time. This photo was taken when we went to the Hsinchu Zoo. I love the colors, the composition, the memories. OK, I love everything about it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. This second photo is from February of 2014, toward the end of our semester break. I have a post to do about this trip in general, but I love this photo of my husband and me. My husband is the photographer in our family, and so I don’t always have lots of pictures of him or of the two of us together. And he is sometimes a little stiff in photos. What I like about this photo is that we both look so relaxed. The other reason it’s a favorite of mine is because he does so much to help me through the rough spots. He is always there for me, even when I’m not sure about me.

List 2 of your best personality traits.

1. I am a creative problem solver. Whenever there is a glitch in a project or in life itself, I am good at looking for alternatives. Sometimes, my perspectives might be a bit odd, but at least, we shake ourselves out of just seeing the problem so we can discover solutions.

2. I am compassionate. People feel comfortable coming to see me when they are struggling with problems–not just because I might go into problem solving mode, but because I always listen first. Many people, including students, are often surprised when they realize they’ve been understood and not just processed through. It’s important that people feel they matter and what they think and feel is worth consideration.


Check out what other participants are sharing.


Now, I need to post this before the new questions hit the wire!  🙂