What Does Happiness Look Like? (Post #250)

coffeemeWell, for those of you who have not witnessed the way I overthink things sometimes, you are in for a scare treat. For this week’s Cartoon Craziness Challenge, the theme is Happiness!

It didn’t take me long to think:  WOW! I can draw a cup of coffee.  Not to difficult. Coffee makes me happy. It’s awesome. I can do this. Well, you get the idea. Then the next thing that came to mind is “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” — thanks Snoopy. And I love my little chihuahua, and since I’m no longer afraid of drawing things that aren’t perfect, I could work on drawing my puppy. Again — awesome!

That led me to doing a series with a mug of coffee and a sweet chihuahua and . . .  I was thinking of how to include quilting in some way. To give myself a little confidence when working on these challenges, I look online for how to draw tutorials for various things. As a result, I have a prototype for my mug of coffee that you see here.

And then over the weekend, someone mentioned that there was a place where we could fly kites. YAY! We made plans to fly kites on August 18! That’s something that’s been on my list for a while, and I specifically wanted to do it during my 600 days to 60 project. (I have a long “thing” about kites, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Now I had three things to draw: coffee, puppy, kite. I mini-series. The coffee was in the bag, so to speak. I found a great tutorial for a chihuahua, and started a little practice one. I figured I could save the tutorial and do it in time for the challenge. I had a decent idea of how to do a kite — smart me: have something that makes me happy that’s super easy to draw. But I looked up a few tutorials anyway.

By a lucky slip of the fingers, I opened Microsoft Paint while I was browsing kite tutorials. Serendipity! So I thought, what they heck! I’ll play around with the Paint program and see what kind of kite I can come up with. Here’s the answer.

kiteMy kite was just about finished when it was time to eat breakfast. And I went back to thinking about the quilting/fabric connection, and then it hit me. I could draw something as basic as that kite and then ZENTANGLE it! How awesome! I finished my breakfast. Then I was off and running sitting at my sewing table, with the machine pushed back, outlining a kite outline on some drawing paper and zentangling my way to a place of serenity and enjoyment! (A place I haven’t seen a lot of lately.)

And here is my Zentangle kite!

kiteOf course, this was already taking a lot more time than I really had, so I decided to save the puppy tutorial for another time. I’m sure there will be an opportunity at some point in the challenge, and if not, I’ll MAKE it fit.  haha

One of the most amazing things about the challenge this week is I realized doing these pictures is making me happy. This is an unanticipated outcome of joining this challenge. I expected it to challenge my attitudes and abilities in drawing. I didn’t expect it to become a source of excitement and happiness.

Thanks to Mental Mama and Indecisive Eejit for hosting this challenge. And thanks to the people in addition to them who also kept egging me on. I’m so glad you did!




This post is part of Cartoon Craziness Challenge: http://theindecisiveeejit.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/cartoon-craziness-challenge-happiness/  Maybe you can join in!  You never know what you might discover about yourself.  🙂

37 comments on “What Does Happiness Look Like? (Post #250)

  1. I’m in the 250’s as well!
    Zentangle — did you make up that word? Gosh that’s a clever word! I have friends who zentangle quite a bit, really elaborate stuff, reminds me of henna tattoos…

    • Cool that we’re in synch on our post numbers. 🙂

      Zentangle is out there. There are books, certified instructors, pens, special cards for doing them. All kinds of stuff. So you, of the “I’m going to google this and see what I can find” school, can find tons of stuff about zentangle online. A friend of mine introduced me to it two years ago. I’ve introduced a few of my students to it since that time. It’s so relaxing and meditative. AND the results are so amazing even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. In fact, my kite was done much quicker than I would normally zentangle (because of the posting deadlines — LOL)! I’m still happy with the results. But if I took more time, it would be even more awesome. 🙂

      The other thing I like about zentangle is how portable it is. Great for coffee shops, the kitchen table, or just about anywhere where you have a little space for paper and pens. 🙂

  2. Oh I love that Zentangled Kite that is just brilliant. If you need a place for your chihuahua you are invited to guest blog on one of my blogs. I have no idea of drawing at all and just do photography but I like to “advertise” for fellow bloggers and having someone who discovers her potential in an art form would just be great! 🙂

    • That is really a lovely offer! Let me think about kind of post I would do. I have several things I’m exploring–art wise. I’ll come up with some ideas and you can choose. 🙂

      • brilliant. I have two blogs so you are free to do as many posts as you want to :-). Looking forward to hear from you. Are you on Twitter? I could send you my email address via the private messaging there. My Twitter name is @Morgaine620

  3. Pingback: Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 6 | The Indecisive Eejit

    • Thank you! That is awesome! It reminds me of one of the reasons I love kites. Their movements are so graceful and beautiful, like those of a dancer. I love dancing, and even though I’m not physically able to dance, I can still express that kind of movement through kites. That’s a connection I didn’t really make until this video! So thank you!
      The other connection for me is between kites and quilting. I’ve been thinking for quite a while about doing at least one quilt with the theme of kites. I may find myself going back toward that.

      Thanks for your lovely comment and video gift. 🙂

  4. I had a little trouble finding this post because your blog’s URL is not in your Gravatar profile, but I’m glad I managed to fnd your blog. Coffee is the ambrosia that the gods on Olympos consume to their delight. Even on my income, which is 50% below the poverty line, I don’t mind spending $8 or $10 on a bag of coffee grounds just so my occasional coffee can be the good stuff rather than the crap they have on sale at the grocery store. Kites? I enjoyed them as a kid but found them static. Getting a kite aloft is fun, but then all you do is stand there holding the string and staring at it. Macrame? Never tried it, but I’m sure it’s fun. Chihuahuas? Sorry, but they have a tendency to shiver and nip on your fingers, so I much prefer Great Danes. Thanks for letting me read your post.

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