35 Years Ago Today: Whose Birthday is It Anyway?

christmasIf you follow my blog much, you’ve seen a few posts about my charming daughter, Kate. I did a two-part feature over two post for her 26th birthday: Part 1 and Part 2.  There are other posts as well, but I’ll let you poke around if you’re interested, or you can post questions in the comment section below.

Now, you may find it interesting to note that I have three other children, and I don’t really post too much about them. Probably because Kate is the one with a blog, and we are in regular communication through our blogs and other social media.

So to set the record straight, Kate has three brothers, two of whom are with Kate in this picture taken in Florida. Doug, my older, is on the left in the picture above, and Erik is on the right.Doug and Erik both live in Florida, and Kate was visiting at the time. There brother, Tom, was not in Florida at the time of this picture.

In case you’re wondering, today is a special day for the guy on the right. Erik has been a part of my life for 35 years. He has made a great life for himself with his wife Mindy, and I’m looking to celebrating with them in person next summer.

Maybe I’ll have to do some posts with more info about my sons. But for now, I have just one thing to say!



ERIK!  ❤