Roaming Around Rome

Park near our apartment

Park near our apartment

Well, it was one of those weeks when nothing (or at least little) went according to plan. And even though such occurrences aren’t a big surprise, the lack of progress on my list made me wonder if I even made a list. Normally, the fact that I made a list at least moves me in the right direction. Last week–not so much. To complicate things further, this week started out in a rather unusual way with extra outings and unplanned events–hence the “roaming” title.

In spite of the lack of green in my report below, I am not discouraged. Things got done. Experiences were had. Just  because they didn’t match the ones I planned doesn’t mean they aren’t good on their own. A plan is only a plan–not a contract. And it really does help to just go with the flow, make a new plan, and then see how the opportunities and the necessities mesh together. In other words, I’m trying to look at it as part of the process–not as a series of roadblocks, and certainly not as a reason to give up my goals.


1. Complete 12 one-hour blocks. The tasks for those blocks include:

  • editing project 1 (2 sections)   DONE
  • evaluate new editing project and complete 2 sections (if taken) Only one section last week, still progress.
  • writing project (map out all sections and start to write SOMETHING) PLAN yes; WRITING no
  • Work on a basic plan for upcoming webpage.  hahahahahahahahahaha

2. Go to Curves three times during the week; walk three times.  DONE

3. Sew blocks for Clue 3 of Summer Mystery Quilt.  Nothing

4. Start piecing possible designs for quilted postcards.  sewed six pairs of scraps together, no pressing. That’s not exactly a design.  😉

5. Continue visiting my fellow builders.   I didn’t do very well this week.

6. Write a post about decluttering; schedule launch. Thinking about something isn’t the same as doing it, and in this case, I only gave it a couple passing thoughts. I started doubting the wisdom of the project. So that was not a good thing. If I’m going to think about it, I should at least be thinking positively about it. I know it’s worthwhile. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed.

7. Map out blog plan.  Started. I have the list. Now to come up with a reasonable schedule.

8. Catch up on my 20 unanswered comments. (Maybe if I choose a number instead of looking at it as catching up on all my comments, it will actually seem more doable.) NOPE. I kept up with new ones, but didn’t touch any of the backlog.



Last week, Bradley offered Finding Neverland! as the theme, and challenged us to take a break from the hard work and find our inner child.  I’m proud to report that in addition to last week’s Zentangled kite, I will be reporting on my kite outing in a post this week.

My special “theme” this week is the way I refer to my goals in my weekly reports. I’m going to give each project a letter (Project A, Project B, etc.). It allows me to be a lot more specific for trackign myself without giving details that I probably should not be posting. I hope that makes sense. Once I have the letters, I may color code them–one color for work projects, one color for supplemental projects that help my future, a third color for things that I’m doing for me and my inner child.  Maybe I’ll even give my inner child her own color.  🙂 So there may be a new look to this report next week.

But for now, here are the goals for what’s left of the week of August 18. Note that I am putting my exercise in a “Habit” category for now. I’m doing this regularly, but I’ll post it to keep it as a priority. And I am eliminating one of the quilting items for this week.



1. Complete 12 one-hour blocks. The tasks for those blocks include:

  • editing project 1 (2 sections)
  • complete 2/3 of new editing project
  • 2 sections of a work project
  • writing two sections of the mapped-out writing project
  • make a basic plan for upcoming webpage

2. Go to Curves three times during the week; walk three times.

2. Meet with J to plan collaborative project

3. Sew blocks for Clue 3 of Summer Mystery Quilt

4. Start piecing possible designs for quilted postcards.

4. Continue visiting my fellow builders.

5. Write a post about decluttering; schedule launch.

6. Plan out the next two weeks of the blog.

7. Catch up on 20 of my unanswered comments.

8. Attend Friday dinner.


  • CURVES – 3 times a week; walking 3 times a week.


I actually feel like this might work this week! Best laid plans and all that!  🙂

Good luck to everyone on meeting your goals this week!


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