If We Were Having Coffee: Starting Again

Image courtesy of nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that it was a week with lots of contrast, lots of ups and downs. I’ve had some good news this week, and some not so good news. I’ve had some productive days, and some not so productive days. I’ve thought about starting to post in the blog again, and I’ve considered making the break longer-term.

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that blogging is not a good thing for me to give up on an ongoing basis. While I was on break, it was too easy to just add another day, then another day, then another day to the break. It’s not that I feel there is a frequency I need to maintain or that I’m addicted to blogging. But as my husband pointed out, it is an important part of my process. When I suggested that with my schedule, it might be good to just give it up for a while, he jokingly said, “There are other things you could give up instead. Like sleeping, eating, . . .”  Wow! It hadn’t occurred to me in just that way, but he helped me recognize that like the exercise I’ve now incorporated into my life, this blogging and self-exploration is important as I move toward a different kind of life next summer.

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that I got a haircut yesterday, the first one in nearly two years. (I’ve been cutting my own hair during that time. I’ve been really happy with the results until the last time I did it.) So with a faculty meeting this Wednesday and classes starting the following week, it was time. I’ll post a photo soon, along with my adventures getting my hair cut in a foreign country.  🙂

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that I feel overwhelmed with the things on my to-do list, with the things in my environment. I’d also tell you that I’ve started mapping a strategy to some clarity about what is important and what can be adapted or left behind.

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that the best part of coming back to blogging isn’t necessarily the posting, but reconnecting with many of you. Even though I am officially returning to a bit of posting today, I started visiting blogs again yesterday. I appreciate you and the parts of your life that you share. I look forward to continuing the conversations.

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you its 253 days til 60.

31 comments on “If We Were Having Coffee: Starting Again

  1. Have you thought about just having blogs on certain days? Like, anytime you feel, but definitely Wednesdays? Would that help with the balance of getting things done but having this outlet/interaction?

    Can’t wait to see the haircut!


    • The reality is that I have more to do than is possible to get done. I have to find a strategy for lightening the load. But the point is that I’m not willing to give up blogging entirely to make it possible to get more done. I’m not getting a lot of cooperation with my workload, so I’m done always being the one to give up what I enjoy.

      When I first started blogging, I posted on Tuesdays and Fridays. And that was good most of the time. I may do something like that again, but it’s too soon to choose the days because the school year is just starting. So for now, two days a week is the intention. If I can set specific days in a couple weeks, I will. If I can post a little more often, I will. I’ve no problem with being flexible. My problem was that I was on the verge of talking myself out of blogging all together just for the sake of work. That’s nuts! 😉

  2. Welcome back! Perhaps it would help to make blogging a fixed part of your schedule, say, Mondays and Thursdays you’ll post something (or whatever works best). I try to post something each weekend because that is when I have most time to sit down and write (oh and sew something to blog about, kind of important too!). Doesn’t always work out that way but it seems to help me keep going.

    I think the scary part of getting a haircut in a foreign country is making sure the hairdresser understands what you want!

    • Yeah, that’s how I scheduled things when I began my blog. I think I’m going to start with just planning to write two posts each week, even if they’re not on specific days. Sometimes, there will be an extra one, but I’m not too worried about it in general. The biggest discovery for me is that I know now that blogging is not something I should let go just because I have other things to do. It’s something I need to make some regular time for. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it needs to happen. I’m going to approach it the same way I do my exercise or other things I do for my health. 🙂

      Actually, getting a hairdresser to understand what you want is hard in my native country sometimes. haha

  3. I had goose bumps after reading this! I am so glad that you have reconnected to your blogging. I find that I need this blogging too. It allows me to be creative and use parts of my mind that have laid dormant too long. I have lived in a foreign country and can only imagine all the trials. I can’t wait to see your haircut. I know you will be beautiful. So glad you are back. ❤

    • Thanks so much! I’m happy to be back. I know what you mean about the dormant stuff. If I don’t take the time for the blogging, I don’t do as many creative things. So it’s definitely something that needs to have space in my life. And it’s so nice to connect with a kindred spirit. 🙂

    • I won’t be giving up. I just had a a few moments where I almost put everything else ahead of me, but I got over that craziness. 🙂 I hope you have a great week, too!

    • Thanks! It was actually my second attempt. I thought I had another way to do it, but it didn’t work like I thought it would. Coffee just seemed like that way to go! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  4. Nice to have you back. For so many years (yes, years) my blogging was solely an avenue to get my own feelings down. Like publishing in a literary journal but online. Now, what I like best is the opportunity for conversation and community. So I understand about the reconnecting.

    • I’m coming up on my 2nd anniversary for my blog. The first year was mostly just posting and trying to create some kind of thing around a nebulous theme. But it was when I really got into posting all kinds of things about whatever was going on that I started getting more followers. And then I got into some challenges, and before you know it, I had more of a personal identity than some kind of blog identity. It works for me. I like it, and it gives me a place to experiment, to connect, and sometimes to vent. 😉

  5. Good to see you back. Blogging is about balance (I’m finding.) It’s so easy to spend too much time on it, but cutting out entirely leaves a writing void. So, are you giving up eating or sleeping? 🙂

    • Actually, I cut back on both. The doctor told me to not sleep as much during the day, and I’m eating less because I have changed everything about the way I eat. But then there’s all the exercise time I’ve added. haha So I have a basic time allotment figured out for the blog. I’ll test it out over the next two weeks, as classes start up. See if my “plan” works in the real world. 😉

  6. I’m happy you’re back, as I sip my coffee, but I’m even happier that you’ve got some new insights (and a pretty terrific spouse, too, who ‘gets it’ about blogging – even, maybe, when you’ve forgotten).

    I started my first blog to deal with the death of our second child, when I was still raw and deeply wounded, with no idea how to handle a birth and death that came so close together that we received his death certificate the day before his birth certificate.

    It petered out when the intensity of bewilderment was tempered by time (and a new, high-risk pregnancy I tried not to dwell on).

    I started up again, five years later, as we made the transition to unschooling. It’s a huge shift, and I needed to blog about certain aspects, and get feedback, to begin to understand…

    When the kids were old enough that I could devote more of myself to writing again, I began two new blogs. One was my “professional writing blog”, and the other was for my fiction.

    In the last year and a half or so, though, I’ve shifted again, to sharing more of *myself* on what was my “professional” blog. I’ve gone from having monologues with myself, with a few comments I mostly ignored, to actual conversations with people like you who come to see me time and again, and whom i delight in visiting. I share my writing, and more – I share my life.

    I’ll be moving to a website in 2015 or 2016, and these years of blogging and learning, sharing and growing, are going to give me a much better blueprint than I would have had, else…

    And I think I just wrote the beginnings of a blogpost here! =D

    • You know what’s interesting? I find that when I comment to you, I feel like I have the beginning of a blogpost. I think we are a great “audience” for each other.

      I’m impressed with your homeschooling. I did it for one year with one child because she needed to find her way differently. When she went back to high school, she seemed to be much more comfortable with herself and with school in general. (And when she later went to college, she told me I was right, that college is way different than high school.)

      I’ve never lost a child, but my parents lost one when I was young, and another when I was 18. When the second one died, I struggled to make sense of the death as a sibling. I can’t begin to imagine what parents go through. As a parent, I’ve gone through a child having open heart surgery, but they found what they needed to find, and he is fine now. He checks in with a cardiologist every couple of years, but that’s it.

      As for my blog, I don’t have any long range plans yet, just keep doing what I’m doing for now. Maybe I’ll have a better sense of what I want to do with it once I return to the US next year.

      Thanks for stopping by, as always. Coffee with you is always so interesting. 🙂

      • Our homeschooling is mostly just living a life rich in experiences, conversation, connection, and creation. It’s amazing what kids will learn, when they’re free to pursue their own passions. And what you noticed about your daughter feeling comfortable with herself – my kids both have that in spades.

        Losing a child is – indescribable. Elijah is always with me, a part of everything I do. I am highly motivated to not waste the time I have with those I love…and to pay attention to the joy life holds…

        I’m glad your son is well, and I grieve with you and your family for the loss of those two little ones. Ironically, Elijah donated his heart valves.

        I think what you’re doing with your blog is working just fine. With life in a state of transition, you could add a bunch of stress to your life…and who needs that.

  7. I only just started following, so your break didn’t affect me. I’m glad you’re back reading though because we connected through a comment on Joey’s blog. I’m less than 60 away from 60 (if that’s the 60 you’re referring to). I’ll be stopping by here on a regular basis for coffee now.

    • I think that’s the 60 I’m referring to. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I try to comment on as many blogs as I can. I’ll be stopping by to check on you too, once this school year settles down a bit. 😉

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