A Tuesday in Taipei: Part 1

Getting There is Half the Fun!

My outing on Tuesday of this week combined business and pleasure. I was meeting someone I had done editing for, but we were including a bit of sightseeing. Going to Taipei can be an adventure in itself, so I decided to document my travel from my apartment to the MRT stop in Taipei. Since people are interested about my life in Taiwan, I thought I’d share this prologue to my time in Taipei. Getting there would involve a bus, a train station, and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, where I planned to meet my party at  Exit 6 of the Shandao Temple Station.

When I walk out of my apartment building, I turn left through a bit of a courtyard. This is what I see.


Then I turn to the left and approach the gate into our apartment community. On the right you can see where the guard is. In front of the gate is a space for occasional gatherings, and beyond that you can see the Guishan Township offices.


After coming out the gate I turn to the right and go to the first corner.


On this day, when I turned that corner there was a truck blocking the view, but this is the same street where the “piano moment” occurred.


Last week, when I made the turn, I saw this, just slightly ahead of where the truck above is:


Here are the parking spots that had the “motorcycle, motorcycle, piano” configuration last week. On Tuesday morning, no piano. No motorcycles either. But that will change when these shops open in another couple hours.


As I continue toward Guishan Houjie (Back Street), I can see my bus stop across the street.


Here is what Back Street looks like during the day from the bus stop.


I thought I took a bus picture, but apparently I didn’t actually push the picture button hard enough. I told you I’m an awesome photographer.   haha   Anyway, it  takes about 20-25 minutes to get from the bus stop to downtown Toayuan. This is the view when I got off the bus.


From this position, I turn right to head to the train station. This picture shows the covered tiled walk. My apologies for the lighting, but I was facing the sun at this point. Speaking of point, I should “point” out that within a couple of hours, this walkway will be jammed with people and vender carts. I always like when I get there “before the rush.”


After coming out of that walkway, I walk past a department store (that I didn’t photograph), and then go right a few meters to cross the street to the train station. Here’s the view down the street while I’m waiting for traffic to clear.


In the next episode, I will show you the train and the subway system (MRT).  🙂

181 days to 60.


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