The Clutter Cat’s Follow-up (Fast-Forward Friday Challenge)

When I gave you my Wednesday update on my clutter challenge for Fast-Forward Fridays, I was two days ahead. My progress looked like this:


Two Cats

The Clutter Cats

List of Daily Tasks (green – on-time completions; purple – early completions)

  • 1 – Top shelf of closet   
  • 2 – Middle shelf
  • 3 – Lower Shelf
  • 4 – First Metal Drawer
  • 5 – Second Metal Drawer
  • 6 – Three wood drawers  (Fast Forward Friday)
  • 7 – Hanging Clothes
  • 8 – Printer Cabinet (2 shelves)
  • 9 – Printer Cabinet (other 2 shelves)
  • 10 – 2 bookshelves
  • 11 – 2 bookshelves
  • 12 – 2 bookshelves
  • 13 – 2 bookshelves  (FRIDAY)
  • 14 – Fabric
  • 15 – Other quilting and craft supplies
  • 16 – black ottoman

Since I was two days ahead on Wednesday, I shared my choices for what I could do the next day.

  1. I can take a day or two off.
  2. I can do the next task on the list.
  3. I can choose something else and poke holes in other parts of of the list.

Did you guess?

I did. I figured I would do either #2 or #3. More likely #3 because the next thing on the list was the hanging clothes in my closet, and that seemed like a good thing to leave for Saturday. #2 gave me options for where to jump in on the list but still make some more progress. My racing the clock technique.

Funny thing is that I totally surprised myself. I ended up going with the one I least expected and ended up taking two days off. I would have sworn I would have played ahead. But ok, I had a couple of days off. And it was so easy to do. Almost too easy.  I was a tad worried about losing momentum and having a difficult time starting back up. Especially, since Saturday’s task was going through the clothes that are hanging in my closet — the largest task so far. Two things kept me on task:

1) I’ve announced to the world I’m doing this, and I’d rather force myself to keep going than admit that I’m quitting.  😉

2) With my recent weight loss (it’s actually taken 15 months so far, but it’s worth it), it really makes sense to go through my clothes. I need to figure out what I’m keeping, what I’m altering, what I’m giving away.

I guess you could say I had double motivation for Saturday’s task. I will probably go through again as the rest of the stuff gets sorted out, but it felt good to clear things out and get them ready for donation.

Today (Sunday), I tackled two of the shelves under the printer “cabinet.” It was easier to do by leaving the computer off while I did it. Then I just got ready and headed directly to the coffee shop to begin my day. I got a bit of a start on the third shelf, making tomorrow a little easier.

OK, so I’m not ahead like I thought I’d be, but I’m keeping up. And really, that was the point of the challenge. It was to get out from under the clutter and disorganization, and so far, I’m staying on schedule!

Good luck to anyone else who is tackling something special this February. Let me know how you’re doing, and I’ll be back with a new update next week.


99 days till 60! It’s coming fast!  😀



It’s not too late to join in. Choose ANY challenge, big or small, write steps on the days left in February, and give it a go. And feel free to post progress in the comments below or write a post and link it here. We can cheer reach other on.

Happy February!




8 comments on “The Clutter Cat’s Follow-up (Fast-Forward Friday Challenge)

  1. Progress is progress! I’m really thankful you set this up, it’s been a big help for me as well. And I’m telling all of my girlfriends about the idea of the 28 day challenge. I think it’s incredibly useful in a lot of different ways. 🙂

  2. OK – I thought I couldn’t play, but it strikes me that I have a limited time frame to get ready for a pretty major family trip, so tomorrow I make a list, and maybe that’ll make it easier to see where I need to be and when! If it goes well, I may use it for a March home beautification/purging challenge.

    I don’t see a problem with taking two days off when you’ve earned them. It’s pretty respectful of the ebb and flow of life and energy.

    Happy for the progress you get to enjoy! =D

    • I hope your plans for the family trip are coming along. I took the days off, and then went back, but didn’t really stay with it beyond that. But it’s ok. The nice thing about a span of time for a challenge like this is that there is still time. It’s not over yet. 🙂

      I like the idea of your March challenge. 🙂

      • Yup, we’re into the final prep now – trying to get the house tidy, the bags packed, the details seen to, and everyone in the traveling frame of mind…

        The way I look at challenges is that any progress made is something gained. Never as much about winning or losing as about forward progress…

        You took the initiative to change something, and you’ve made a beginning – and you’ve got just under half a month to go. =)

      • I totally agree about the challenge thing. Things are already better here, and I’m still closer to getting ready for the big move than I was if I had become immobilized by the size of the job or by falling off schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can do by the end of the month. That, it itself, is a good motivator.

        I hope you and yours have a wonderful trip! 🙂

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