59 days to 60! (Taiwan: the Beginning)



How cool is this? It’s 59 days till 60, which also means that I have 59 days to be 59!

In addition, there is another countdown going on: the one that ends my time here in Taiwan. We haven’t selected our exact departure date yet, but it is somewhere just over 100 days.

I realized that in the last 400+ days, I’ve picked up followers who probably never knew the story of how I came to be in Taiwan, and how–at this point in time, I will have spent ten percent of my life here by the time I leave in July. So I am posting the story one more time about how it came about before heading into the things I plan to do before leaving Taiwan. So if you don’t know how I got here, check it out!  My Journey to Taiwan.

Feel free to post questions if you want more information.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when I update you on the poll results.  🙂  What? You haven’t seen the amazing photo? You haven’t voted?  Check it out here.

59 days to 60!