The View from this Side of the World

coffee with joeOne of the nice things about being a mother is that my children are a source of information and ideas that make life a lot more interesting. My oldest son offered me tips on doing on-line tutoring if/when I decide I want to do that. Another son has helped me when I wanted to clarify statistical tests I was running for a research project. And my daughter has helped me get back into blogging.

After landing in LA nine days ago, I have now had eight days in my home state of Michigan. (I landed in LA on the 27th, but flew through the night to get to Michigan on the 28th.) I have conquered jet lag and begun to put together a workable job situation. In addition to spending time with my parents, I’ve also had a chance to see my daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandson, Logan. The only real downside (other than missing my friends in Taiwan) is that Dave and I are separated by 10-12 hours of driving (one-way) while he is in Iowa helping his sister as she deals with some health issues.

I already had several blog post drafts on deck when I started taking photos and notes during my last few weeks in Taiwan. And now things are happening on this side of the Pacific Ocean. If I waited until I had the time to sort it all out and get everything “organized,” you wouldn’t be reading this today. In fact, I may never get back to regular blogging at all. So, I decided to steal Kate’s “blogging schedule.” Over her blogging experience, she has tried several additions and adjustments, but her basic recipe has kept her publishing regularly at least six times a month (5 in February). It’s similar to what I did in the beginning, posting on Tuesdays and Fridays. Even if the posts weren’t always exciting, they were regular and I was developing a writing practice. I’ve gotten away from that kind of simple yet flexible approach. But Sincerely Kate has keep this steady pace since September 2012. Her schedule is posting on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each month. I may post more often than those six times, but at least you’ll now be hearing from me six times a month. It’s good to put it out there like this because I have to admit that if I hadn’t already decided to go ahead with this plan, I probably would have let today come and go without posting today.

One last thing: the picture above is from the Grace A. Dow Library in Midland, Michigan. I will be spending many working hours there over the next few weeks. And today’s excitement was getting a library card. The only library cards I’ve had in the last ten years have been issued by universities. It’s nice to have such a beautiful place to explore books. As I sat working there today, this was my view.

libraryaugust5 004

Did I mention they have a coffee shop right in the library? Cup and Chaucer.  🙂

21 comments on “The View from this Side of the World

    • Thanks, Patti! I’m very happy to be home. It’s an adjustment, and there is a lot of adjustment ahead, but it’s great to be back. And I love working at the library. I made a discovery (in addition to the coffee shop) the other day that I’ll be blogging about soon. 🙂

  1. I love the place that you are going to be working, it looks really comfortable. I hope you are able to keep to your new schedule going as I very much look forward to reading them! 😊

    • There are lots of nooks and crannies at the library. Always a new corner to explore. The schedule is no problem. It’s a reasonable one, and I’ve got an intention in place to make it happen. 🙂

  2. Welcome back to wordpress I miss you when you are not here! I shall look out for you . I am sorry you are separated from your husband I hope his sister’s health improves and you can be reunited very soon.
    I agree children are a great help and source of joy… and frustration too!!
    I love that you can have your Coffee and Chaucer…that sounds like a book title to me!
    Hugs and keep in touch! xxxxx

    • Hi Willow! I have other books knocking around in my head. Just lots of things in general. Trying to put a life together again. My husband and I will spend two weeks together at the Christmas holidays. But other than that, it will just be our nightly phone calls and some miscellaneous emails thrown in a few times a week.

      I have an exciting children-related post next time 🙂

      I hope things are going well with you. I am hoping to stay reconnected this time!

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