Breaking Through the (Writing) Logjam

cs 6School starts on Monday, and while I’m excited about it, it requires lots of writing to finish the preparation. In addition, I have two¬† other major writing projects that are on deadline. I’d like to make progress (read finish) these two projects so I can turn to a writing project that is near and dear to me.

Last night, as I headed off to sleep, I found myself feeling quite anxious about not only these projects, but a few other things, like the long-term separation from my husband. About the pieces of jobs that I am trying to juggle and sort out. Even though I rarely have trouble sleeping, last night was one of those nights.

Sometimes, when that happens, I can get up and do something productive for an hour or three, so I considered coming to my cave down here in the basement to at least make use of the time. With the late hour and my husband in another state, there wasn’t anyone to talk me down from the cliff, so to speak. (I know because I did give up and go online for a few minutes to check.)

Luckily, looking around online for a few minutes did make me realize that since this type of sleeplessness is uncommon for me, I didn’t need to really worry too much about an isolated occurrence. After all, it’s not like there aren’t things weighing on my mind. So instead of thinking about all the stuff I had to do and getting overly concerned about being awake, I took a deep breath, made a plan for this morning, and went back to bed. (My efforts had induced some pretty significant yawning, so I was hopeful.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext thing I knew it was a few minutes before 7:00, and even though it had been nearly 1:00 before I got to sleep, I decided to get up and put my plan into motion. The great thing is I made significant progress on one of the two deadlines, and after going out for a walk, I’ll come back and tackle the other one.

As for the other things on the big list. I’ve mapped them onto the next few days, and now that they have a safe place to wait, I don’t have to think about them. I had been experimenting with using electronic scheduling methods, but I think I’m headed back to paper. The upcoming complexity of my living situation (an upcoming post) has made the idea of daily planning and tracking a little bit challenging, but I’m starting to see my way clear again. More soon.