LATE: The Four-Letter-Word Stream of Conscious Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “four-letter word.”  Use any four-letter word as your theme. Enjoy!

socs-badge-2015I tried not to spend too much time deciding on a four-letter word. It’s already 11:10 on Saturday night. It’s getting late, and I really should be getting to bed. And that thought is what led to my choice and the rest of this post.

It seems I have been moving toward getting to bed later and later lately, and I can’t really figure it out. Other than it has become a rather productive time. Without my husband here to spend time with, I tend to come into a second wind rather than settling down to sleep. I like the quiet house and the last few things I accomplish before turning in.

I had a long day working on a paper that’s due for publication on Monday. I met on Skype with the co-author who is back in Taiwan. Things are going well, but with the deadline on Tuesday, we are doing what we need to do so we won’t be late. We have a plan to get things sent in on Monday evening, Taiwan time, so that’s all set.

And speaking of late, I keep waiting for my (parents’) cell phone to ring. Tom and Megan’s son-to-be has opted to ignore his due date and take his own sweet time. I know, I know, but still, I keep hoping to hear. Right now, it’s hard to make a big deal about it. Due dates are an estimate, and he was only “due” yesterday, so he’s not THAT late! Regardless, that little bundle of joy will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I will spend tomorrow putting the last touches on the paper and finishing the initial postings for my classes that start on Monday. Unlike the baby, these projects have firm due dates.

Thanks to Linda Hill for hosting Stream of Consciousness Saturday. If you’d like to participate, head over to this link:

P.S. I actually wrote this last night before going to sleep, and now that I’m posting it, I’d just like to update that one of the syllabi deadlines has been met, and the paper is almost, and still no word on baby.  🙂

4 comments on “LATE: The Four-Letter-Word Stream of Conscious Saturday

  1. Grrr..the baby waiting game! Lol. Glad you are finding late night time really productive. Wish I could, but I usually switch off by 8pm! 😊

    • In the end, can’t really complain. Every one of mine was later than that, the baby’s father only one day. But the rest by another week or more. 😉

      I find that switching off is a good thing. We all need to recharge the batteries. For me, it works to be productive for the period of time that I’ve set up, and then allow the down time. The exception is when passion shows up–then sometimes, I can go a little longer, but I always try to schedule some down time. No one can be productive all the time. It’s a frustrating realization, but one that I finally really get. 😉

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