If We Were Having Coffee: The Last Sunday of September

library coffee shop 004If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that

I left out some important information when I posted yesterday about my husband and me and Why We Live so Far Apart. It was pointed out by Dan of No Facilities, who commented, “I’m sure it means a lot to his sister and mom that he is there.” I obviously left out that their mother actually died nearly a year and a half ago. So part of the reason all of this time in Iowa is so important is that Cathy is now alone except for her two dogs. Their mother had ended up in a nursing home when Cathy started her last round of chemo. Helping with the health issues (including a couple of insurance hassles) and working through the decision about what to do about the house is a process that takes a while.

But I’d also tell you that we are looking forward to the holidays and a chance to spend the time together. I will have Thanksgiving with my family, so it will be nice to head to Iowa for Christmas.

planeI’d tell you that today marks two months since I boarded a plane in Taiwan to head back to the US. It seems both like it’s been forever and like it was just yesterday. But things are settling down in many ways, and it definitely feels like it was the right thing to do.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve already been scheduled for two criminal justice classes in the winter semester. In addition, I had an interview this week with the sociology department. I’m being recommended to teach a course for them as well. But it has to be approved by the faculty association, since that course would exceed the normal yearly limit for an adjunct faculty member. Still, it’s across two departments–not all in one, so there will probably be no problem.

I would tell you that Jack is now 3 1/2 weeks old. I haven’t been back to see him again, but I’m going to talk to my parents and see if we can plan a trip to rectify that situation. I love how he seems to know he’s in charge. halvorson familyHave a great week!

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11 comments on “If We Were Having Coffee: The Last Sunday of September

  1. All the more reason for your husband to be there. Sorry about his loss (much) earlier and sorry if I missed that in an earlier post. The photo at the bottom makes me feel happy, it just sends happiness out. I hope this all comes together soon Deborah.

    • Thanks, Dan, but let me make it very clear that you didn’t miss it in an earlier post. It was your comment on yesterday’s post that made me realize I was trying to put so many details in (without being overwhelming) that I left out something very important. When Dave’s mother died, our situation in Taiwan was such that he was unable to return for the funeral. We knew it was more important for him to be on standby in case Cathy needed him later. Obviously, this has been an ongoing saga for us. And it just goes to show that when writing, it’s easy to overlook the obvious when it’s been part of your reality for so long. It’s easy to assume others “know” what you’re talking about. So no apology needed. I’m grateful that you commented so I could clear things up better. 🙂

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