Pup (p)Update: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

IMG_0345Some of you may know that Dave and I had a dog (named Puppy) for 3 1/2 years of our time in Taiwan. You can see other photos of her time with us and read the story of how we came to have Puppy in our family. You can even find out how she came to have the name, Puppy! 😉  One of the difficult parts of our return to the US is that Puppy did not make the trip with us.

Luckily, this is a happy story (mostly). I do miss her terribly, but I am confident that she is much better off back in Taiwan. If she had made that arduous plane journey halfway around the world, it would have been with Dave, as my father is allergic to animals. And Dave’s sister has two very cute, but boisterous dogs that might take some adjustment. And we weren’t sure that such a high level of activity might be a little stressful after the rather quiet existence she had lived over the last few years.

puppySept2So, with the uncertainty of our plans in the US, and the traumas and challenges that Puppy has already had in her life, we finally made the difficult decision to have her remain in Taiwan.

But this current post is about how well she is doing now. Last week, her new forever Mom sent me updated photos. Talk about bittersweet! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a bit when I saw the pictures, but it also felt really great to see that she is adapting happily. These photos meant so much to me because when Dave and I originally left her in her quiet upstairs hangout (while they decided where to make her permanent location), she didn’t seem very happy. I mean she was fine, and in fact, much of that perceived unhappiness was probably more my own feelings. I knew she would be fine, but I wanted to see more evidence of it. And now I have it.

puppysept3The lovely thing about this whole story is how the people who originally rescued her, got her off the streets, and brought her into our lives are now the ones giving her a real forever home. When we took her almost four years ago, they had a small child and were planning to have another. Now their children are old enough to have this special dog as part of their family. And she’s back to having her Chinese name, even though she is now a bilingual dog.  🙂

I hope someday that we can visit her again, but I am so happy to have the pictures and know that she is happy in her new home.