A New Feature: To or Not To Tuesdays

nanopoblano2015lightYes, I’m a bit on the weird side, but this was too good to let go without at least putting myself out there for ridicule seeing what others thought about it. So how’s this for a new feature? The To or Not to Tuesday. It has a ring to it, right? Is it really just me? I think not.

So the original title for this post (which will become the first in the short series of such Tuesdays) was To Quilt or Not to Quilt. For those of you who are already worried, I probably shouldn’t mention that I already have next Tuesday’s To or Not To topic selected.

So my post would be something like this.

To Quilt or Not to Quilt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have to add a disclaimer before I begin. This is not about giving up quilting. I’ve tried that a couple of times in the past, and I always come back to it. I drool over fabric and over color combinations, and over the patterns for blocks, the overall look, and the details of the quilting stitches themselves. So no, I’m not thinking of giving up quilting. In fact, quilting is often the most stabilizing influence in my life (if you don’t count certain people).

I currently have three active quilts to finish. In order of intended completion they are for the following people.

  1. Jack, my new grandson. His quilt top is finished except for the final border. And I’ve made my final decisions about how I’m going to back it. So I hope to get everything basted by the end of the weekend and begin quilting.
  2. Kate, my daughter (Jack’s aunt). Her quilt top has been in the making for a while. There have been several posts showing the progress of the top for her quilt, including the one posted above. And in fact, I finished the last row of her top as my first quilting activity after returning back to the US this past summer, just before i began piecing Jack’s. If you read the posts about Kate’s quilt, you will learn that her quilt has been in process for a while, but finally, in the past year, there has been major progress. In addition, Kate has graciously given me until her 30th birthday to finish it. Heck, I still have four months until her 29th. Piece of cake!  😉
  3. Rena, one of my Taiwanese “daughters.” Rena will be the recipient of the mystery quilt I did last year. Each month a new set of clues were given.  You may remember reading the steps for this quilt and seeing the different pieces as they were completed. I was even one of the first ones to meet the challenge of figuring out the pattern after completing the assigned blocks. No one step was terribly taxing or time-consuming, making for quite a relaxing, yet productive pace. While the top is not completely pieced yet, the blocks are all finished, and it won’t take long to get it together, after I finish the first two. The quilt-a-long was really fun. I liked the pace and the mystery aspect.

And this is where the To Quilt or Not to Quilt question comes in. As I was reading a few blog posts this morning. I discovered a new mystery quilt challenge that is just beginning. The color charts have been released, and the first clue will be revealed at the end of the month. I feel myself drawn like a moth to the flame. But I’m also of two (at least) minds about it. And that’s where you come in. What would you do in my shoes?  😉

The “factors”:

I’ve noticed that:

  1. the combination of having a dedicated sewing area (currently at my parents’ house, but potentially at the new place) makes it easier to make slow but steady progress on my projects.
  2. having a priority mapped out for completion of quilts and the planning of new ones seems to keep me interested in motivated in a way that I didn’t expect. I thought it would cause me to be scattered about my quilting, but that hasn’t been the case. It seems to have almost an opposite effect. More focus on one project at a time, not less.
  3. Working on mystery quilts combines so many of the things I enjoy about quilting, while providing the element of gamesmanship as I see the elements of the quilt emerge as I work through each month’s clue. Plus, someone else has already figured out the order of the steps, as well as a manageable level of activity for each month’s clue.
  4. Because of the great planning the organizers of mystery quilts, I can still work on assembling, quilting, and finishing work on the “quilt of the moment” while creating a new quilt top.
  5. This particular challenge will teach me a new skill with a new kind of ruler. More on that if when I actually get to it.
  6. I am now moving forward on more quilts (confidently and stress-free) than I have at any other time in my life. This is in spite of the fact that my schedule is picking up in terms of work.
  7. Quilting provides the creative and recreational balance I need.
  8. I can’t really think of any solid reason that would keep me from taking on the new challenge. Fabric selection has started, but the first clue isn’t happening until the end of the month.
  9. If I do get behind, I can print the instructions and continue on, but . . .
  10. The Challenge seems to keep me on task with the steps because I want to be part of “figuring out” the arrangement before it’s actually revealed.

Any doubt about which way I’m going with this? Am I missing anything obvious? Feel free to comment below.  🙂


So now it’s your turn. The possibilities are potentially endless. What will your To or Not To Tuesday topic be? Feel free to offer options or join right in and write an actual post based on the one below.. Link back to this page. We can get feedback from each other as we help each other decide which things we should take on and which would be better left on the drawing table. (Unless your dilemma is To Draw or Not To Draw, in which case, another metaphor might be better for you.) And if it catches on, we could come up with a badge for it.  🙂

When I wrote my first one, I realized it helps me get in touch with my inner wisdom, and by writing through it, I can actually recognize the answer as it emerges. Or I just like to delude myself. 😉

So if you are thinking about joining in, but aren’t sure, how about this for a starter: To Reply or Not to Reply.  🙂