Leaping Lizards: It’s Wildlife Wednesday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather here in mid-Michigan is amazing this week. With sunny skies shining through the end of the golden leaves and temperatures in the mid-70’s, what better time to be having Wildlife Wednesday. With the sudden return of these lovely temperatures, several insects were back for the party. They weren’t the only confused ones, but hey, I’ll take it. I’m up for enjoying it while it lasts because reality returns this weekend.

After last month’s entry of a spider from Taiwan, I thought I’d try another Taiwanese creature with a few less phobic critics. At least, I think that’s the case. I would be curious to know if anyone thinks the little guy at the left is creepier than a spider. If this were a poll, who would win creepy? The spider or this great little guy?

These little lizards were fairly common in Taiwan. The one in this photo was taken on the walking way in our apartment complex. I was excited to get this shot (thanks, Dave!) because they are rather shy and if you try to get too close, they scurry away.

When I told one of my former students (also friend and Taiwanese “daughter”), Dante about this photo, she sent me a few of the same type of lizard. (You can see the pattern on its back.)

lizard4lizard3My favorite is the “unnatural” one climbing on the cart.


And watch for a post in the near future with more about Dante.  🙂

Enjoy all the wildlife in your part of the world.

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